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MarinOne, Marin Search, & Marin Social: August 14th 2019 Release Notes

Sync and Reporting of Multi-Asset Responsive Display Ads in MarinOne & Marin Search

What’s new?

Advertisers will easily be able to connect their campaign data into Marin from their Responsive Display Ads, and see how they are performing against other ad formats within the same view.

Why is this important?

Similar to Responsive Search Ads, advertisers can upload multiple headlines, images, and logos to automate the creation of Multi-Asset Responsive Display Ads, and deliver the best display ad that will resonate best with its audience (on Google Display Network). Google uses its advanced machine learning to optimize and test the different asset combinations you’ve provided to improve the ad’s performance, and will adjust the asset’s size, appearance, and format to fit the available space on any website in GDN.

Assets you can include are:

  • 15 images

  • 5 videos

  • 5 logos

  • 5 headlines

  • 5 descriptions

  • 1 long headline

  • Business Name

This machine-learning uses past performance history to make multiple asset combinations, so advertisers can cut out the manual work that goes into a/b testing, and focus more on overall strategy.

Marin’s Value-Add

Incorporating more paid search data into Marin means less toggling between AdWords and an advertiser’s Marin application, resulting in more timelier data analysis and granular insights. Furthermore, Marin is helping diversify inventory and ad formats for our users across multiple publishers, resulting in smarter cross-channel budget allocation. 

Want to learn more about MA-RDAs? Check out our dedicated help article to learn more!

Support for Additional CTAs in Marin Social

What’s New?

We're added support for a number of Facebook CTAs that were previously missing in Marin Social, including Get Showtimes, Apply Now, See Menu, Request Time, and Book Travel. You can select these CTAs in the Ad Creator or Mass Editor menus.

Check out our full list of supported Facebook CTAs in Marin Social for more information.


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