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All Clients Activity Log Overview

What is the All Clients Activity Log?

If you’ve used the Platform before, you’ve probably seen the Activity Log (accessible from the Admin link in the upper-right of the screen). It offers an ever-updating list of all tasks the system is currently processing. The All Clients Activity Log is similar, however, rather than showing you only the tasks for the currently selected client, it shows every task for all clients in the Platform (or at least those that the user has read or write access to).

You can access the log by clicking the Clients drop-down in the upper-right of the screen, selecting All Clients, then clicking the Admin button to the left of the drop-down.

Performing manual actions

There are a number of actions that users can take from the All Clients Activity Log. These also apply to the standard Activity Log for individual clients:

  • Post Now: This sends all changes to the publisher immediately.
  • Hold: This prevents the changes from being sent to the publisher during the nightly sync.
  • Cancel: This is the equivalent of an ‘undo’ button, and resets any changed items to their original state.

Useful columns in the All Clients Activity Log

The following are explanations of some of the columns you’ll see within the All Clients Activity Log:

  • ID: This is the unique ID for a specific activity. It contains information on changed items and any relevant errors.
  • Client: This is the client account that the action occurred within.
  • Creation Date: This is the date and time the change was created in the Platform. Please note that the time (and date) shown in this column will be converted to the time zone of the client you were in before switching to the All Clients view. This time zone is noted under the table.
  • User: The name of the user who made the change. Note: Automated changes can be tagged with various other names.

Possible status messages

The following are a number of different messages that may appear in the Status column of the All Clients Activity Log. These will give you valuable information about the progress of the various tasks.

  • To be sent: This row is scheduled to be posted to the publisher during the nightly sync.
  • Succeeded partially: This means that some changes were posted to the publisher, but others returned an error. You can download the error file for more details.
  • Failed: All changes posted to the publisher were returned with an error.
  • Succeeded: The changes were successfully posted to the publisher.
  • Canceled: These changes were manually reverted and have not been posted to the publisher.
  • Held: These changes have not been posted to the publisher, and will remain in the log until they are manually posted or canceled.
Note: If you use multiple languages across your account, the status messages will appear in the language of the user that performed the action.
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