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SmartGrid Preview Mode


Preview mode is a SmartGrid feature that is designed to help you filter or sort a large number of objects and return the most important matches as quickly as possible.

Why is it useful?

Rather than waiting a long time for SmartGrid to load, Preview mode returns results quickly, making it easy for you run reports with the applied filters across the entire set of objects. You are also able to multi-edit objects within the applied filters as well.



When does the grid enter Preview mode?

If you have a large number of objects in SmartGrid and then sort or filter a metric column, such as Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, this will trigger the grid to enter Preview mode. These column headers have blue text (rather than black).

To avoid Preview mode, simply reduce the volume of objects in the grid using Campaign Navigator or filter on the non-metrics columns to focus only on the objects you want to look at.

Note: It is useful to know that there are grid columns Impressions (Yesterday), Clicks (Yesterday), Conversions (Yesterday) and Revenue (Yesterday) which can be sorted/filtered without SmartGrid entering Preview mode.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get out of Preview mode?

There are two ways in which you can leave Preview mode:

  1. Sort data by a non-metric column, such as Campaign, Group, Status. These column headers have black text (rather than blue).

  2. Remove any filters that are applied to metrics columns (blue columns).

How many objects are looked at in Preview mode?

Currently SmartGrid looks at the top 10,000 objects.

How does Preview mode determine the 10,000 objects that have the ’highest volume’?

Currently SmartGrid looks at objects that receive the most clicks, yesterday.

Are there any future updates planned for Preview mode?

There are two major updates planned for Preview mode:

  • Allow the top objects to be determined by date ranges other than yesterday.

  • Allow the top objects to be determined by other criteria than Clicks, for example Conversions.


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