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SmartGrid View Builder


The SmartGrid tab includes a redesigned View Builder which makes it even easier to show the data you need within the main grid.

The key benefits of the SmartGrid View Builder

  •  Powerful search functionality so you can easily find and add columns
  • Change columns are enclosed in a twist-down triangle, and indicated as Change and Change % on the screen

  • Remove All and Add All  functionality by clicking the + and – icons at the top of the View Builder

  • Date of Click and Date of Conversion conversion types can now be added to the grid at the same time, side by side

How to add and remove columns

Clicking the (+) icon will add a column to your view, as tracked on the right. Clicking the (–) icon will remove a column, as tracked on the right.

Clicking (+) at the top of the screen will allow you to add all columns appearing on the current screen. Clicking (–) at the top of the screen will remove all columns from the current view so you can start fresh.

Note that for columns with Change columns, clicking (+) button will not add any change columns. These must be added manually by opening the twist down triangle and clicking (+).

How to use search in View Builder for SmartGrid

To use the search, type an entry into the search bar. The View Builder will search through all of your columns and return, in alphabetical order, the ones matching your query.

If you would like to add all columns that match your search results click the (+) at the top of the middle pane.

How to add Change columns

You can find the change columns by clicking the triangle next to a column you want to see the change for. Then click the (+) icon to add it to the grid.

For your convenience, the change columns will be added in the grid directly next to the column they refer to.

Change columns will show up as blank in the grid until you pick a comparison date range in the date picker. See our Date Picker Help article for more information.

How to drag and re-order columns

You can drag and reorder the columns in the View Builder by clicking on the column’s box on the right side of the View Builder and dragging up or down.

You can also re-order columns in the grid by clicking on the column header and dragging right or left.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I distinguish between Date of Click and Date of Conversion Conversion Types?

Date of Conversion conversion types will be noted with (Date of Conv.) appended to the end of their title. Date of Click columns will not have any special descriptors appended to their title.

Date of Click and Date of Conversion conversion types can be displayed in the grid, at the same time, side by side. Please note that reports in SmartGrid will not yet be able to display Date of Conversion conversion types.

In the example below, you can see that the Purchase Date of Click columns are followed by the Purchase Date of Conversion columns.

How are Custom Columns treated?

Through the Custom category on the left side of the View Builder, you can add your custom columns.

Please note that for Custom Columns which use a Conversion Type in the formula, the Custom Column will only be defined by the Date of Click value of that Conversion Type. It is not yet possible in SmartGrid to define the Custom Column using the Date of Conversion value of the conversion type.

What columns are not yet available?

A few columns have not been added including the items listed below. These will be added in future versions of SmartGrid. The vast majority of columns (including custom columns, and conversion types) are included.

Traffic / Cost

  • eCPM $


  • Param 2 (Microsoft)
  • Param 3 (Microsoft)
  • Alt. Text (Yahoo)
  • Redirect ID
  • Live Ads Keyword Insertion

Upcoming features for the SmartGrid View Builder

  • The advanced View Builder is not currently shown in the View Builder. We will look at adding similar functionality in a future version of the Beta to allow you to apply multiple filters/sorts at once.
  • Custom Columns are only defined by the Date of Click value of any included Conversion Types. You cannot yet calculate them based on the Date of Conversion value



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