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The Platform Dashboard Advanced Guide


Each time you login, you’ll see the Dashboard. Here you can see your most important metrics and data at a glance.  This page is completely customizable to fit your needs.  

Account Performance Chart

The chart at the top of the dashboard displays the performance of the account over the last two weeks.

The drop-down menus in the upper right control the metrics that are displayed. Only the columns that are shown on the History tab are available. To view additional metrics, add the required columns to the History tab view.


The Summary widget displays the basic statistics for each publisher for the previous day. This data is the same as shown on the Channels tab when rolling up by publisher.


The Status widget displays the status of your account, including cost report status, revenue uploads and bidding completion.

Messages: Displays any notices from the application at the top of the status box. This is used to notify you of pending maintenance, issues with Publisher APIs, and other important information. Clicking the 'X' icon on a message dismisses it. Once dismissed, the message will not be displayed again.

Cost Reports: Displays the status for yesterday’s cost reports.

red_shield_med_icon.gif = Indicates that not all cost reports have been downloaded. If you see this warning, the application is aware of the issue and is working on getting your cost data in the system. The error will be hidden when the cost report downloads have completed.

Revenue: Shows the date and time of the last revenue upload. The Revenue section will not be displayed for customers using publisher tracking. Conversion information is included in the cost reports.

red_shield_med_icon.gif = Indicates that the last upload did not occur within the past 24 hours.

blue_med_shield.gif = Indicates that more than 10% of the rows in the most recent upload were not correctly processed.

Bidding: Displays bidding status for all folders in Preview or Traffic mode. The Bidding section will not be displayed if all folders have bidding turned off.

red_shield_med_icon.gif = Indicates that bidding was not successful on all folders for the previous day. Insufficient data is the most frequent cause of bidding not running. The bidding system requires at least 10 conversions before bidding will run. Once the folder has reached this threshold, bidding will begin running. If bidding does not run for another reason, please contact your OMM to resolve the issue.

Activity Log: Highlights any recent errors and/or pending items in the Activity Log.

red_shield_med_icon.gif = Indicates that there is one or more failed Activity Log items in the past 24 hours. Click on the link to view the failed items.

blue_med_shield.gif = Indicates that there are partially failed operations in the last 24 hours, or that there are operations that have not yet been sent to the Publisher. The details of these operations can be seen in the Activity Log.

The Activity Log section will not be displayed if there are no recent issues in the Activity Log.


The Folders widget summarizes the performance of all folders over the past week, as compared with the week prior. The date range and columns displayed are not adjustable.


View of all reports that ran today, including Alerts.

Clicking on the name of the report will download the report. The format of the report is indicated by the icon:

excel_dashboard_icon.gif = CSV Report (for Excel)

web_query_icon.gif = Web Query Report (for Excel)

pdf_mini_icon.gif = PDF report


Summarizes month-to-date spend by publisher and estimates total spend for the month.

Monthly total estimates are based on the month-to-date spend and the number of days remaining in the month. No adjustments are made for trends in spending patterns or historical seasonality. The estimates also do not factor in budget caps set at the publisher.


Navigation to saved views in the application, as well as frequently used pages.

  • Clicking the name of a saved view will take you to the appropriate tab and load that view. Up to five saved views are displayed for each type of page.
  • Clicking the name of a section (Folder, Campaigns, etc) is equivalent to clicking on the top level tab.

Customizing the Dashboard

For details on how to add any grid view or chart to the dashboard, click here.

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