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URL Build Now in SmartGrid

What is URL Build Now?

The time-saving URL Build Now feature is a simple way to trigger the URL Builder on the fly from SmartGrid, without having to use the bulk add/edit function.

How to use URL Build Now with multi-edit

Using the Platform’s multi-edit function is a fast and effective way to build URLs. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Navigate to SmartGrid, then choose the subject containing your chosen keywords or creatives.
  2. Select the relevant objects using the checkboxes on the left of the grid. You can also apply filters and sorting options as necessary.
  3. Click on the Edit button (the ‘pencil’ icon).
  4. Select Destination URL and choose the Build URLs option from the drop-down list.
  5. Using the radio buttons, choose whether to Hold URL changes for review or Send URL changes to publisher when complete.
  6. The URL Builder will then rebuild all of the destination URLs for the objects you selected, based on your current settings. Don’t worry, individual settings for publishers and folders will be taken into account.

Important information about URL Build Now

There are a couple of things to remember when using URL Build Now:

How URL Build Now works with non-redirects

When not using redirects, URL Build Now takes the existing destination URL and passes it to the URL Builder, in the same way that the system does with bulk sheets. This triggers URL Builder to append any missing parameters based on its current settings.

How URL Build Now works with redirects

If using redirects, the URL Build Now function will take the existing Click Through URL, rebuild it by appending missing required parameters, and then rebuild the entire redirected destination URL. Note that even if no changes are made to the Click-Through URL, any missing redirect parameters will be appended to the base URL.

Note: When importing objects that were created outside of the Platform, the Destination URL column is populated by the sync. When using redirects, the URL Builder wants to change the Click Through URL, which is normally used for uploads when using redirects. Since this column is empty, URL Build Now will not change URLs in this case.

How URL Build Now handles blank URLs

If you try to use URL Build Now on an object with a blank destination URL (or blank Click-Through URL, in the case of redirects), the Platform will skip these objects completely.

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