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Using the Filter Shortcut


Under the calendar on the left-hand side of the window, you can filter data by publisher, match type, and campaign/group/keyword status using the Filter shortcut.

Publisher Filter

The Publisher Filter will act slightly differently depending on your location in the Platform.

Publisher Filter behavior for all tabs except the Home > History sub-tab and the AdminActivity Log sub-tab:

  • Filtering for 'All' returns data for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Baidu, Criteo, and Generic Publisher Upload.
  • Filtering for 'Managed' returns data for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Baidu, and Criteo, but not Facebook. Managed sources include all Publishers and Search Engines that can be controlled from the Platform UI except Facebook.
  • To filter for Facebook, you must click the Facebook logo. Facebook’s terms and conditions require that Facebook metrics be displayed separately from other managed engines for the majority of tabs.

Publisher Filter behavior for the History and Activity Log sub tabs:

  • Filtering for 'All' returns all data for all managed sources including Facebook.
  • Filtering for 'Managed' returns data for Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Baidu, and Criteo but not Facebook. Managed sources include all Publishers and Search Engines controlled from the Platform UI except Facebook.

In all tabs: To view data from one specific publisher, click on that publisher's icon.

Match Type filter

Below the publisher logos, you can add filters for keyword match types using the Match Type filter.

  • Search: View only search data or only one match type at a time (Broad, Phrase, and Exact). In Yahoo, 'Advanced Match' corresponds to 'Broad' and 'Standard Match' corresponds to 'Exact'.
  • Phrase, Broad, Exact: Shows only the keywords that equal this match-type in the keywords tab. In the Groups, Campaigns,and Folder tabs, the Platform will only display the numbers (i.e. Clicks, Impressions, Conversions, etc.) for the keywords that equal this match type.
  • Content: Shows only Google or Microsoft content data.

Status filter

Below the Match Type filter is the Status Filter. By default, all campaigns, groups, creatives, or keywords will display in the grid. You can add filters based on the following status types:

  • All: Shows all campaigns, groups, keywords, or creatives of all statuses.
  • All but deleted: Shows you everything except for the deleted items (active, paused, disapproved, and inactive).
  • Active: Active items that aren't paused, deleted or inactive.
  • Paused: All items paused by a user or Marin bidding.
  • Below Min Bid: Filter for keywords below minimum bid. Yahoo deactivates keywords if the keyword bid is below the minimum bid. Google keywords below the first page bid are marked as Below min bid in the interface. This makes it easier to identity Google keywords that are below the first page bid.
  • Disapproved (keywords, groups, or creatives only): Filter for keywords, groups, or creatives that have been rejected by the search engine or publisher. Usually disapprovals are due to policy or editorial conflicts.
  • Deleted: Filter for deleted keywords, creatives, campaigns, groups, or placements.

Effective Status: The Status column displayed in the grid displays the Effective Status of each object. For example, if a keyword is active, but it is in a paused campaign, the keyword status will be displayed as Campaign Paused.

All Status filters apply to that object's true individual status. In this example, filtering in the Keywords tab for Active objects will bring in keywords that have a status of: Active, Group Paused and Campaign Paused.

A/B Test Filter

(Creatives tab only) By default, the grid will show all creatives (Winners, Losers, Draws):

  • All: Shows all creatives.
  • Winner: Shows only Winners (creatives with better performance than the average of other creatives in the same group).
  • Loser: Shows only Losers (creatives with worse performance than the average of other creatives in the same group).
  • Draw: (creatives with no statistically significant difference between creatives in the same group OR if it is the only creative in the ad group).
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