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%5BARCHIVED%5D Setting Up Conversion Types with Atlas

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[ARCHIVED] Setting Up Conversion Types with Atlas


When it comes to analyzing your ad campaigns' performance, the Platform offers you two features: Marin Tracker conversion types, or a 3rd-party conversion tracking system like Atlas. We recommend that you only set up the Platform to use one of these options. 

In this article, we'll explain how to set up conversion types when using Atlas tracking. 


Importing your Atlas actions into the Platform offers a number of different benefits. These include:

  • Access your Atlas actions and a rich set of data related to your search publisher clicks (i.e. actions by keywords, creatives, sitelinks, products, etc.)

  • See Atlas conversion data in the Platform.

  • Giving the Platform's Conversion Optimizer access to data that helps to optimize bids, potentially increasing conversions and lowering costs.


To start importing data you’ll need the following:

  • A Platform account linked to an Atlas advertiser account

  • Platform URL Builder turned on and configured to add Atlas tracking

Creating conversion types in Marin

Note: These instructions can be used for all Atlas actions setup from Atlas Universal Tags, or for actions using Atlas Classic Tags that don’t require revenue or quantity reporting in the Platform. (Please speak to your Platform representative if you require revenue and/or quantity reporting using Classic Tags).

For any actions you want to see reported, or optimized against in the Platform, you must retrieve the action ID from the Atlas Platform:

  1. Log in to Atlas.

  2. Navigate to the advertiser containing the action you wish the Platform to use. 

  3. Click Measure actions.

  4. Click on the name of the action.

  5. In the address bar of the action, copy the last numeric value in the URL, e.g. 11002203120892.

    pasted image 0.png

For the next steps of the guide, head back into the Marin Platform:

  1. First, log in to the Platform, and click into theAdminsection. Then head to the Revenue sub-tab and finally click on the Conversion Types link.
  2. Click theCreate button to add your new conversion type.

  3. Enter the conversion type name that you want to see in Platform reporting in both the name and column header fields. Set conversions per click to Many and importantly insert the Atlas Action ID into the ID column, and set the Track Conversions setting to Click (always 'click' for 3rd-party system conversion types). Be sure to read step 5 before saving.

  4. Note that there are some bidding implications associated with setting the Include in Total Revenue / Conversions settings for your conversion type. You have the choice of whether conversions and revenue should be automatically aggregated into Total Revenue and Total Conversions. In general, if you want the conversion type to factor in your bidding optimization, it should be included in totals. Biddable conversion types are generally sales, purchases, or other revenue-based events. Non-biddable conversion types may be pageviews, coupon prints or other non-revenue based actions you are tracking, but that do not affect your bidding strategy. Please speak to your Platform representative if you are unsure what to set here.

  5. Click Save. If your search campaigns drive any Atlas actions going forward they will now appear in Platform reporting.

  6. Finally, if you have quantity reporting in Atlas for an action, and would like quantity reporting in the platform, please run through steps 1-6, but append -qty to the action id when setting the Conversion ID field; also make the conversion type name and column header make reference to the fact this conversion type is for quantity. We recommend that you don't add this conversion type to the total without speaking to a Platform representative first. You can see an example in the screenshot below.

  7. Please do read the Important Notes section below for other considerations for Platform conversion types with Atlas.


Important notes


  • Conversion Type Limits: We recommend that no more than 50 conversion types be created in a single client account. If you require more than 50 please speak to your Marin Platform representative about activating a feature to map multiple actions to a single conversion type.

  • While all fields are editable, do not edit your conversion ID field, or conversion track date after you complete step 4 as changing this will break your revenue integration and you will have incomplete revenue and conversion data.
  • If you update your conversion type settings, this change will be reflected moving forward but will not be reflected retroactively.

    • For example, if you have updated the settings so that all of your conversion types are now included in totals.

    • Another example is if you add a new conversion type tied to an Atlas action that has been tracking historically, the historical data will not populate before the date you setup the action as a conversion type in the Platform.

  • To delete a conversion type, please reach out to your account team or our Customer Success team with details on the specific conversion type that needs to be deleted.


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