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(ARCHIVED) Performing a Test Conversion To Ensure Correct Snippet Setup in Marin Professional

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(ARCHIVED) Performing a Test Conversion To Ensure Correct Snippet Setup in Marin Professional


In order to properly track conversions using Marin Tracker, it is necessary to ensure accurate setup of both the landing page and confirmation page pixels. This guide will walk you through common setup scenarios and issues.


Landing Page: This is the page that a visitor sees right after he/she clicks on your ad. Unless you’re using redirects, this is usually the same as the destination URLs on your keywords and/or creatives.

Confirmation Page: The confirmation page is the page that a visitor sees once they have converted. If you have an e-commerce business this is usually the 'Thank You' page (after checkout). If you have a lead generation business, this is page that users see after they fill out a form.

Installation Guide

Ensure proper placement of the snippets:

  1. The first snippet (landing page snippet) must be placed on ALL landing pages in the account. The confirmation page snippet must be placed on the confirmation or 'Thank You' page.
  2. Make sure the entire snippet is placed within the <body> tag.
  3. Make sure the snippets appear EXACTLY as they do in the Tracker setup wizard (with the values filled in for the variables). The snippets must not be modified in anyway (other than the variables) or the script will not fire. Verify there are no extraneous characters, extra html pieces, etc, within the tag. This step is extremely important!
  4. Ensure that both snippets do not appear on the same page. Landing pages should contain just the landing page script, and the confirmation page should contain just the confirmation page script.
  5. If you have set up multiple Marin client accounts, you may not use the same snippet for every account. Each Marin client account has its own unique client ID within its individual snippet, so you must use the right snippet for each client.
  6. Ensure all of your URLs are tagged:
    • Adding the snippets to landing and confirmation pages is the first step to tracking conversions. Additionally, you must ensure that you complete the last step of the tracking wizard, which will kick off the mechanism that automatically tags all your URLs with Marin parameters. These parameters help the tracker identify where to attribute conversions and revenue.
    • To check if URLs are tagged, go to the Keywords/Creatives section(s) in the grid and do a filter on the Destination URL for "mkwid". If you do not find any "mkwid" values, please file a ticket and a Client Services representative will assist you.

Performing a Conversion Test

Here, we will be ensuring that both a click capture (referred to by the tracker as Action 1) and a conversion capture (Action 2) are occurring.

  1.  First, take one of your URLs that has been tagged with Marin Tracking parameters. Replace the "mkwid=" value with something like "mkwid=Test1" For example;


would become:

   http://www.example.com/?mkwid=Test1&crid={creative}&mp_kw={keyword}&mp_mt=     {matchtype}

  1. Paste the modified URL into your browser and go through your conversion path, completing a conversion and arriving at the 'Thank You' page.
  2. Go back into Marin, and navigate to Admin > Tracking.
  3. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to Last Hour of Tracker Data.
  4. In the Excel file that opens, take a look at Column H, Referrer. Locate the URL that contains Test1 as the mkwid value.
  5. The URL should have an associated Action ID of 1 in Column C.
  6. Go to Column C, Action ID and filter for value 2.
  7. If your test URL shows up in Column H, that means a conversion has successfully fired. You should start seeing conversions show up in Marin the following day. If you went through the test conversions, saw Action 1 and Action 2s occurring, but still do not see conversions the following day, please file a ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place the conversion page javascript code within a <form>?

No, this will prevent the Marin’s Javascript Pixel from firing.

Can you confirm that the pixels will function properly when we place it in the footer?

Marin’s pixel will fire properly from the Footer. But you run the risk of the user advancing to the next page before the Footer loads, which would prevent Tracker from firing. The best practice is to place Marin’s pixel as high on the page as possible.

Will Marin tracking code slow down my page?

No. We have done extensive page load testing with Tracker pixel installed and it has no impact on page load time.

Will the tracker still work if my confirmation page lies on a different domain than my landing pages?

Yes, as long as the pages are still tagged properly, this scenario will work fine.

What if my landing page is the same as my confirmation page?

This scenario is not ideal. If both the pixels are placed on the same page, they will still fire but the conversion count will be quite inaccurate, due to users clicking back and forth.

What if my landing pages use redirects?

The Tracker will work if your landing pages redirect, as long as there is enough time for the initial pixel to fire. You can check this by verifying the landing page snippet in Step 2 of the Tracker Wizard.

Test conversion not appearing

Confirm that the code is on the conversion confirmation page or 'Thank You' page. This means that when a user reaches this page, they've already made the desired conversion.

Also make sure that you have chosen the right security option (https:// vs. http://) so that the code generated uses the correct protocol. Ensure that you have pasted the code exactly as it appears in the snippet, and that any part of the code has not been cut off or changed/corrupted in some way.

Conversions stopped appearing after appearing previously

After making changes to your website, it's important to check that the conversion tracking code is still properly placed on the correct conversion page.

You can follow this checklist to confirm that your conversion code is still accurately placed:

  1. Go to View > Source in your browser menu and check for the conversion code (denoted by a < ! -- MarinPro conversion code --> comment tag).
  2. Make sure that you've pasted the conversion code between the body tags (between <body> and </body>).
  3. Make sure that the conversion code has not been modified or somehow corrupted. If you are unsure, you can find the snippet under Admin > Tracking.
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