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Bidding and Optimization

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Bidding Health Recommendations


There are limitations on how many bid changes can be pushed to the various publishers in any one bidding cycle.

This largely depends on the number of keywords and groups in the client account, but can also depend on other background tasks occurring in the Platform, and even on publisher APIs. Any long-running bidding job taking more than 12 hours should be investigated. We are actively monitoring this to increase capacity longer term, but if you suspect this is impacting your account, please file a ticket with our Support team by clicking on Contact Us in the top-right of the support center.

It should be noted that there are two distinct phases to a bidding cycle: (i) calculating the bids and (ii) pushing these changes to the publisher (this is dependent on other queued/scheduled actions and the publisher APIs).

We generally recommend limiting Marin client accounts to less than 2 million keywords and less than 200,000 groups for optimal results.

Recommended solutions

If long-running bidding jobs are impacting your account, we recommend the following solutions:

  1. Remove Deleted Objects: Work with a member of the Marin team to clear out deleted objects from your Marin Client Account.
  2. Move Paused Groups out of Trafficked Folders: Move these groups to folders that are set to Off mode. This is especially helpful for folders that are heavy with head terms (high volume keywords) because the folder does not need these keywords for blending purposes.
  3. Use Exploratory Spend Folder: Put groups with fewer than 10 impressions or clicks all time into an Exploratory Spend Folder and set this folder to Off mode. These are extremely low traffic keywords, so there is no need to calculate bids daily, as both bid change and spend will have a minor effect on overall performance. 

    You may want to set an Alert to monitor click volume so you can periodically move groups back to an active bidding folder if their click volume changes. Set an additional Alert to monitor new objects in your active bidding folders that should be moved into Exploratory Spend based on the above criteria.
  4. Cleanse Dimensions and Reports: Review your existing Dimensions and remove any that are no longer needed. Move any that don't need rollup functionality to Tagging Only mode. Additionally, review existing report templates and remove any that are no longer needed.
  5. Change Folder Minimum Bid: If you have a lot of bid changes that are only 1 or 2 cents, this can slow down bidding jobs. Setting a minimum bid that is a few cents higher can help avoid bogging down the bidding job with a bunch of tiny 1 or 2 cent bid changes.


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