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Bidding and Optimization

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Bidding Basics

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  • Marin's automated bidding tool can be used to manage bids for your Amazon Advertising accounts. In this article, we'll walk you through the basics of managing bids for your Amazon Advertising accounts.
  • When optimizing bids for search, social, and display ads, it’s important to account for headroom, which is is the difference between what you bid (Max. CPC) and what you pay (the delivered Avg. CPC). The Automated Headroom Adjustment feature adjusts calculated keyword bids by a CPC to Bid Adjustment to inherently account for headroom.
  • Want to learn the basics of automated bidding as a concept, and understand how the Marin platform supports it? This article will do exactly that.
  • Awareness Targeting is an intraday Bidding Strategy that's designed to deliver visibility on the search engine results page by allowing you to set an Impression Rate Percentage target or Impression Share target for Google, Yahoo Japan, or Microsoft publisher accounts while continuing to target Average Position for other publishers -- all within the same Strategy.
  • Want to learn the basics of automated bidding as a concept and understand how the MarinOne and Marin Search platforms support it? This article will do exactly that.
  • Bidding rules are applied to the bids calculated by Marin’s automated bidding algorithms in order to control or restrain bids based on your own business needs. They can be used to create a bid cap, a bid floor, a maximum bid change percentage and more, in order to make certain your Strategy meets your business' unique needs.
  • Our automated bidding solution has the ability to optimize bids for Google and Microsoft Shopping campaigns.
  • Marin supports the push of bid changes for Yandex keywords to Yandex. This includes changes made by the user (in single edit, multi-edit, and bulk edit modes), as well as automated bid changes using MarinOne Bidding.
  • The Budgeting tools in Marin provide both a budget Pace tool and a budget Plan tool to help you plan and optimize your monthly budgets.
  • Want to learn the basics of automated bidding as a concept, and understand how the Marin platform supports it? This article will do exactly that.
  • Dynamic Actions allow you to harness the power of your own data to build flexible rules that adjust bids based on trends. In this article, we'll show you how to set up Dynamic Actions.
  • The gross-profit column (and related columns) is a calculated column used for automated bidding which records the value used in the bidding algorithm for a particular day based on the bidding Strategy settings on that day.
  • MarinOne's Insights feature is a tool that provides you with search marketing recommendations, which you can use to improve campaign performance by analyzing ad copy, keyword expansion opportunities, publisher expansion opportunities, and much more.
  • We suggest updating the Strategy Boost daily based on the anticipated uplift of Conversion Rate or Revenue-Per-Click for sales periods. This is true if sales extend beyond a day, or you expect conversion rates to increase substantially.
  • MarinOne Bidding is Marin’s newest machine-learning powered optimization suite that delivers peak performance by automatically deploying budget to where it is most impactful.
  • In this article, we'll walk you through issues that affect Strategy performance, how to identify the cause, and corrective actions for each issue.
  • Smart Bidding is a Google Ads optimization feature. This article outlines Marin's support for Smart Bidding and how to transition from Smart Bidding to Marin's automated bidding.
  • By specifying a monetary value for individual conversion types, the bids will be based on the actual value each keyword is generating, rather than a blended average, resulting in better optimization for the conversion types that are driving revenue for your business.
  • A Strategy in MarinOne is a collection of campaigns and ad groups that allow you to define bidding goals and strategies based on your own business needs. These campaigns and groups should have the same goal (e.g. Cost-per-Lead Target or Awareness Targeting) and a shared budget, as spend is most effectively managed at the Strategy level.
  • Want to learn the basics of automated bidding as a concept, and understand how the Marin platform supports it? This article will do exactly that.
  • Clients using our bidding algorithm can also use our forecasting model to predict future trends in clicks, conversion, revenue, cost, and profit based on historical data.
  • This article will also document the interaction of the Strategy rules in cases like this where multiple rules are applied to a given object's bid calculation in a Matrix of Strategy Rule Interactions.
  • Several locations through MarinOne leverage the Side Panel to access important settings details. MarinOne's Strategies leverage this feature to allow you to adjust all of your important bidding decisions from a single location. In this article, we'll walk through the features that can be found in the Side Panel and provide links to dedicated articles about each feature.
  • Before enabling MarinOne Bidding, we recommend that you ensure that no campaigns in a Strategy are losing impression share due to campaign budgets.

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