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Bidding and Optimization

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Bidding on the Google Display Network


Our automated bidding solution manages Group and Managed Placement bids for campaigns on the Google Display Network (GDN). By maintaining only 1 topic or target per group, and setting the target/topic to use the 'default bid' (which is the group-level bid), the platform can properly optimize bids for Interest Targets, Remarketing Targets, and Topics.

Suggested workflow

Since Managed Placements provide the most granular level of targeting, we recommend using the following workflow to leverage automated bidding for GDN campaigns:

  1. Structure GDN campaigns so that each Target or Topic is mapped to its own Group.
  2. Use our bidding solution to optimize Group bids for Automated Placements (defined by Topics, Targets, or Keywords).
  3. Use our bidding solution to optimize Managed Placement bids.
  4. Using the Placement Report, manually change high-performing Automated Placements into Managed Placements; and change low-performing Automated Placements into Negative Placements.

* Targets, Topics, and Keywords should be used to increase the relevance of initial Automated Placements.

Note: Please contact your Marin account representative to ensure your account is set up to bid on Managed Placements or in case there is no content in the Managed Placements sub-tab to make sure that the Managed Placements feature is enabled in your account .

Important notes

  • As a best practice recommendation, we suggest that you not use the Position Cap folder rule for folders bidding on Managed Placements. By doing so, it's possible that the bids for these Managed Placements can become throttled. 



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