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Bidding and Optimization

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Geo Bid Modifier Optimization


Google Ads location bid adjustments allow you to modify your search bids based on user location and report on performance by location. These settings are applied at the campaign level and can adjust bids from -90% to +900% to show ads more or less frequently to users in a specific location.

Marin's Geo Bid Modifier Optimization uses cost and conversion data to automatically optimize bids for these targeted locations and can offer a lift to performance. 

How it works

This feature uses Google Ads location performance data to generate bid recommendations for your targeted locations. This allows you to not only target users in specific locations, but leverage cost and conversion data for those locations to optimize your bid adjustments.

Please note that we currently support location bid optimization for states and Designated Market Areas (DMAs).


To set up Geo Bid Modifier Optimization in your Marin Client Account, please reach out to the Marin Customer Support team or your platform representative. 


Once the feature has been activated for your account, you'll use Dimensions to opt Google campaigns into or out of Geo Bid Modifier Optimization. Follow these steps to opt into to the feature: 

  1. Create a new dimension called Location_Bid_Adjustment_Optin.
    Note: You will need to set the Dimension at the campaign level in order to use Geo Bid Modifier Optimization. 
  2. Tag any relevant Google campaigns with the Location_Bid_Adjustment_Optin Dimension, entering the Dimension value as "true".

  3. Location bid adjustments for your tagged campaigns will be automatically optimized daily.


Note: Campaigns that have not been tagged with the Location_Bid_Adjustment_Optin Dimension (and the dimension value "true") will automatically be opted out of Geo Bid Modifier Optimization.

Additional Information

  • You must have publisher tracking set up (but your conversion data doesn’t need to be linked to the platform).

  • You must set up location targets via Google Ads.

  • Bid modifier optimization is based only on conversion rate differences. Revenue data is not currently considered.

  • This feature does not require a minimum number of conversions, but if you only have a limited amount of data, you're less likely to see a bid modifier adjustment. 




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