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Bidding and Optimization

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The Bid Details Page


The Bid Details Page is designed to provide a transparent look into how bids are calculated for all of our supported biddable objects, including search keywords, ad groups, product groups, and managed placements.

The Bid Details Page walks you through each step of the bid calculation process to demonstrate how the algorithm arrived at an object's final calculated bid, factoring in historical data, folder targets, rules, and more.

bid details page - result.PNG


The Bid Details Page serves as a starting point in understanding how bids are calculated in Marin. If you've ever found yourself wondering how Marin's automated bidding tool landed on an object's bid, then the Bid Details Page will offer valuable insight into the calculation process.

How to

Below we'll explain the process for accessing and understanding the Bid Details Page.

Accessing the Bid Details Page

  1. As always, the first step is to login to the Platform as normal.
  2. From here, navigate to the Bidding tab.
  3. Click into your desired Bidding folder.
  4. Navigate to the Keywords sub-tab within your Bidding folder. Note: you can also access the Bid Details Page using the main Keywords tab.
  5. Click into your desired keyword to access its Settings.
  6. From your selected keyword's Settings page, scroll down to the Current Bid Settings section.
  7. Under Recommended, click Show Details.


    Navigating to the bid details page.gif

  8. From there, you can scroll through the Bid Details Page to gain insight and transparency into how a bid was calculated by Marin's automated bidding tool.  We'll explore this more in the next How To section below.  Note: Only keywords that reside in folders on traffic mode will display data in the Bid Details Page.
  9. That's it!

Understanding the Bid details page

  1. The first section of the Bid Details Page contains historical data used in bid calculation. 

    The algorithm compares performance of the keyword in question to "similar" keywords within the folder. This includes keywords of different match types or the same keyword in a different publisher. 


  1. The second section of the Bid Details Page will show the object's Target Bid, based on its historical Conversion Rate, Value per Conversion, and your current folder targets.  

    In our screenshot below we can see that we have a target CPL of $15.  In our screenshot from step 1 (Algorithmic Bidding), we can see that our object has a Conversion Rate of 30.10%.  Using our formula of Bid = Target Cost per Lead x Conversion Rate, we arrive at a Target Bid of $4.51, which is displayed in the top right of our screenshot.

    bid details page - calculate target cpl bid 2.png

  2. The third section of our bid calculation will show if Boost has been applied, based on settings at the folder level.

    In our screenshot, CPC to Bid Adjustment is a feature that is designed to offset Headroom, the difference between what you're bidding and what you're actually paying.  

    If we take our previous Target Bid of $4.51 and apply a CPC to Bid Adjustment and a Boost, we arrive at our $3.92 Target Bid With Boost, represented in the top right of the screenshot below.

    bid details page - boost 2.png

  3. The fourth section of the Bid Details page will show any rules that have been applied, based on the settings at the folder level.

    In our screenshot below, we can see that our object is sitting above the folder-level Bid Cap of $3.50, so our Rules Adjusted Bid is equivalent to our $3.50 Bid Cap.

    We can also see in our screenshot that a Minimum Bid Change rule is in place though in this instance our current bid is unaffected by this rule.

    bid details page - rules applied 2.png

  4. The final section of the Bid Details page will show your Result, or your Final Calculated Bid, based on all of the settings and rules applied in the prior steps of the calculation process.  This represents the bid that will be pushed to the publisher.

    In our previous steps, we calculated our bid, applied a boost, and applied rules, so our Final Calculated Bid is equivalent to our Rules Adjusted Bid from the prior step.  In this example, our Result is a $3.50 Final Calculated Bid.

    bid details - result 2.png

  5. That's it!  Our Final Calculated Bid from the previous step will be pushed to the publisher during the nightly sync process and our bid will be recalculated daily based on updated historical data.



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