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MarinOne Feature Matrix


In this article, we will walk through a list of the features that exist in MarinOne, compared to the features that exist in Marin Search. This list includes:

  • Existing Marin Search features available in MarinOne
  • Features that are new to MarinOne (not supported in Marin Search)


Marin Search features available in marinOne

Feature Notes
Supported publishers Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Japan, Yandex Search, Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Amazon (Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Product), YouTube, and LinkedIn

Supported campaign/ad types

Parity with Marin Search

Linking Wizard and Syncing

Link Google PCAs only

Bidding management

Includes Amazon bidding

Budget pacing and 'What-if' 






Saved Views

Includes migrated Marin Search Saved Views

Bulk edits

Campaign, group, keyword, and ad levels


Dimension, bids, budgets, and core edits available

URL Builder

Google only; For other publishers, we offer a link back to Marin Search URL Builder.

Tracking ID management

Reporting and Alerts

Reporting and Alerts (including cross-client) are available via CSV and web query and include cross-client support. 

New features: Cross-client reports by CID name, scheduling flexibility, currency column

Intraday Tracker

Reach out to a platform representative for enablement

Custom Column management


Client Level Dashboard


Client View

Advanced Bid Settings

Including Rules, Excluded Dates, Boost, and Specify by Conversion Type Bidding



Object details and settings pages


Dynamic Actions


Conversion type management


The Clients View


Features new to marinOne (not in Marin Search)

Feature Notes
Audiences Google only; Includes reporting, bidding, Customer Match management, and Dimensions; Reach out to a platform representative for enablement.




Includes cross-channel view, sharing ability, and all-clients Dashboard

ITP Dashboard

Reach out to a platform representative for enablement.
Awareness Targeting

Target Impression Rate or Impression Share (Google and Microsoft) or Average Position (other publishers)

Amazon Sponsored Brands campaign creation


Searchable column selector


Calendar improvements

Includes pre-sets, 3-month view, date of click/conversion toggle

Bid Strategy Side Panel




Account Navigator and Breadcrumb Navigation


Web Query support for Mac

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