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Managing Campaigns

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Bulk Uploads Advanced Guide


The platform accepts bulk file uploads for keywords, groups, creatives, campaigns, negative keywords, placements, and location targets. Very large files should be zipped before upload to reduce file size and decrease upload time.

Acceptable file formats: .csv, .txt, single .zip files

The platform's bulk upload feature is compatible with tab-delimited text files and .csv files. It also accepts .zip files containing a single tab-delimited text or .csv file. Please note that .zip files containing multiple files are not compatible at this time.

Bulk uploads can be used to mass-create create Campaigns, Groups, Keywords, and Creatives, often in one go, in order to save both time and effort. Required headers for each level are as follows:

  • Campaigns - Account, Campaign
  • Groups - Account, Campaign, Group
  • Keywords - Account, Campaign, Group, Keyword. Match Type and Status are optional but recommended.
  • Creatives - Account, Campaign, Group, Headline, Description Line 1, Creative Type, Status, Display URL
  • Sitelinks - Account, Campaign, Link Text and either Destination URL or Landing Page are required for creating a new sitelink. Sitelink ID is a required column for editing existing sitelinks. Account, Campaign, and Sitelink ID are required for sharing a sitelink with another campaign. To learn more about managing sitelinks in bulk, check out our dedicated article here.

Important Note: Bulk uploading files will soon be transitioning to MarinOne, so bulk upload functionality for some objects (such as Campaigns) will no longer be available in Marin Search. To learn more about bulk uploads in MarinOne, check out our dedicated article

Creating a bulk upload file

When creating or editing objects in the platform via bulk upload, you'll need to upload a file in one of the formats outlined above. This file should contain columns which will define how the object is added to the platform. Each object has specific required columns and optional columns which are explained on the bulk add/edit page.

Please note the following about column headers in bulk sheets:

  • Optional columns are always enclosed in [square brackets], and are not required for the upload to be successful.
  • Required columns will appear without square brackets, and must be included in your upload for it to be successful.

To see the required and optional columns for your bulk upload, please go to the relevant bulk add/edit page, as explained below.

Upload instructions

Once you have completed your bulk upload file, follow these steps to upload it.

  1. Go to the relevant grid in the platform (the main Keywords tab, for example).
  2. Click the Bulk add/edit link in the lower-left to go to the upload page.
  3. Click the Choose File button and select the file to be uploaded.
  4. Select whether upload changes in To be sent or Held status (depending on when you want your changes made), then click on the Next Step button to finish the upload.
  5. After processing, check the Activity Log to verify that your upload succeeded.

Important information about bulk uploads

  • Files must have all required headers for an edit upload to process successfully, as follows:
    • For a Keywords bulk upload to edit existing keywords, the headers would be: Account, Campaign, Group, Keyword, Match Type, and the column(s) you are editing.

      Please note: keyword text cannot be modified. This will always create new keywords. This is true in Marin as well as on the publisher side.
    • For a Creatives bulk upload to edit existing creatives, the headers would be: Account, Campaign, Group, Creative ID, and the column(s) you are editing.
  • Please note, any files containing a non-standard character (such as accents or characters from foreign languages) need to be saved in Unicode text format in order to maintain these characters upon upload. Failure to do so may lead to incorrect formatting of uploads.
    • If you are doing a bulk upload to update existing keywords, make sure the Unicode text formatted keyword is an exact match in the bulk upload. Otherwise, the app will detect a new keyword. This is because a non-standard character was not properly encoded, so it doesn't match the existing keyword in the app.
  • Optional column headers in your bulk upload that you are not using, you should remove these. If you don't, errors may occur.

Important notes

  • When bulk uploading into the platform, it is important to always monitor the process in the Activity Log to verify if the upload failed, succeeded or even partially succeeded.
  • For uploads that did not fully succeed, please click on the error file or Activity Log ID number to see the error in question and search that error in our help section to find a quick resolution
  • If you attempt to edit an object that has not yet been successfully pushed to the publisher, you may see a creation operation in the Activity Log.
  • When creating Account, group or campaign names, having non-alphanumeric characters like # or * in front of the name can cause errors when bulk editing




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