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Managing Campaigns

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Editing Objects with Multi-Edit Advanced Settings [Marin Search]


In addition to editing objects via a bulk file, objects can also be edited in the grid through the Multi-Edit function. Multi-edit allows for changes to be made across multiple objects, for example setting the Search Bid or changing the Destination URL. Please note that some fields are publisher-specific, and multi-edit changes will need to be done within items from the same publisher.

Note: This article is unique to Marin Search. Multi-edit settings may vary in MarinOne.

Settings That Can be Edited Via Multi-Edit

Below are the settings that can be edited via Multi-Edit:

  • Search Bid
  • Group Content Bid
  • Bid Override
  • Group Content Bid Override
  • Destination URL
  • Dimensions Tags
  • Creative Text
  • Language Targeting
  • Geographic Targeting
  • Negative Keywords
  • Folders
  • Mobile Bid Adjustment (Note: This is the only setting that is adjustable via multi-edit from the Devices sub-tab)
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Ad Delivery
  • Ad Serving
  • Daily Budget
  • Live Ads Params
  • Creative Exemptions


Let's say you wanted to edit your Search Bid for a number of keywords or Content Bid for a number of groups.

There are four options for changing the search bid:

  • Increase/decrease the bids by a set amount or a percent of the current bid.
  • Set all keywords to a specific bid.
  • Raise Search bid to min bid (only available for search).
  • Push the application's calculated bid.

If the keywords being edited are in folders where bidding is turned on, any manual bid changes will be overwritten that evening by automatic bidding unless the Bid Override is set to On for those keywords. You can set this for the keywords being edited by selecting the Turn bid override on… checkbox when making the edit. Automatic bidding will not affect any keywords with Bid Override turned on.

Additional Information

  • Note that special characters (such as currency symbols like £) don't always work well with the creative find and replace option. For example, if you wanted to change £30 to £40, it's better to simply edit the number rather than the symbol.
  • You may notice a multi-delete job show up in the Activity Log after attempting a multi-edit job. This is expected behavior if some of the selected items included in the multi-edit job are deleted objects. When a multi-edit occurs after several of these objects are deleted, the multi-edit job for these would instead say multi-delete in the Activity Log for those already deleted objects if they are included in the selected multi-edit. This will occur when the application is trying to re-establish that these objects are deleted to the publisher.
  • To multi-edit bids to zero (i.e. use group default), you should use a value of 0.00.
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