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Managing Campaigns

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Managing Location Targets and Bid Adjustments in Bulk (Google only)


Managing geo-location settings across multiple campaigns and accounts can be both difficult and time consuming. To streamline this process and reduce the time spend, you can create, delete, and edit all your campaign location targets, exclusions, and bid adjustments in bulk.

Please note: At the present time, this process should be done in Marin Search, not MarinOne.

How to find the Location Targets Bulk Upload page

You can access the Location Targets bulk page directly from three areas within the Marin Search platform:

  • From the main Campaigns tab, click on the Bulk add/edit location targets link in the Related Tasks box in the bottom-left corner of the page.

  • From the main Channels tab, click the Campaigns sub-tab. Then click on the Bulk add/edit location targets link in the Related Tasks in the bottom-left corner of the page.

  • Click the Admin link in the upper-right corner, then click the Location Targets link in the Bulk Upload box on the left.

How to export Location Targets, Exclusions, and Bid Adjustments

To make it easier to see all your current location settings (targets, exclusions, and bid adjustments), you can export a report of all your existing settings from the Location Targets Bulk Page by clicking on the Generate a report of existing location settings link.

The generated report will appear in the Completed Reports tab via the Reports link in the upper-right, and it will include all location settings for all accounts and campaigns.



How to manage Location Settings in bulk

By using a bulk file, you can create and remove location targets and exclusions from campaigns. Additionally, you can set and edit a bid adjustments for a location target on a campaign from -100%, -90% to +900%.

It is possible to perform combinations of these actions in a single bulk file.

Important notes for working with location targets in bulk

  • Account and Campaign are required fields when bulk uploading location target settings.

  • Each action should be specified in its own row. For example, if you want to add a location target and an exclusion to the same campaign, you would do so as two separate rows in the same bulk sheet.

  • To remove a location target or exclusion, use the value Delete in the Location Action column. Note: To remove a location bid adjustment, simply set it to 0. Do not set the location action to Delete, as that will remove the location target.

  • Bulk rows with new location target or exclusion will add.

  • Bulk rows with new location bid adjustment value for an existing location target will edit the bid adjustment.

  • Bulk rows with new location bid adjustment value for a new location target will add location target and add bid adjustment for that location.

  • You cannot delete the last location target in a campaign. This is a precaution to prevent accidentally deleting the last target, which will default to targeting the entire country.

Troubleshooting Bulk Errors

When uploading a bulk change, we recommend you check the Activity Log to make sure the file has no errors. If there are rows that have errors, those rows will not be pushed the publisher. Below are a list of common error messages:

  • Error: At least one geographic target must be specified 
    Because you cannot delete the last location target in a campaign, the bulk file will show this error if a line is attempting to remove the last location target in a campaign. Note: If you are simultaneously deleting the last location target in a campaign and adding a new location target to the same campaign, the add should come first in the bulk so to prevent this error.

  • Error: Cannot lookup the specified Geo Location Target 
    This error is displayed when the format or spelling of the location name is incorrect. Correct location names can be found through the single edit search bar in Campaigns > Settings > Geo Targeting.

  • Error: Can only specify Location as Target or Exclusion 
    Shown when there is a Target and Exclusion on the same row. These should be entered as separate rows in the bulk file.

  • Error: Location Target or Location Exclusion must be specified 
    Shown when uploading a blank row. This gets ignored and the rest of the bulk file should succeed.

You can learn about how to prepare and upload a bulk sheet by reading our Help article: A Guide to Bulk Editing and Adding. See below for an example of a bulk upload file with the expected action in the left hand column.





[Location Target]

[Location Exclusion]

[Location Bid Adj]

[Location Action]

Create Target



San Francisco,California,United States(City)


Create Exclusion




Los Angeles,California,United States(City)


Create Target and Add Bid Adjustment



Oakland,California,United States(City)




Remove Location Target



Bakersfield,California,United States(City)



Implicit Campaign Creation

Users can also implicitly create campaigns through the Location Targets bulk page.

For any bulk rows with a new campaign name, a new campaign will be created and add whatever location target settings are defined. With implicit campaign creation, it is important to note that two identical operations will appear in the Activity Log called Bulk Create: Google Campaign: campaign_name. This is expected and normal behavior.

Note: Currently this feature is limited to creating campaigns with default settings. These settings are as follows:

  • Status = Active
  • Mobile Bid Adj Exclusion = 0
  • Start Date = Today
  • End Date = None
  • Network = Search Only
  • Daily Budget = [Average of all campaign budgets in the account]

How to use the Correct Location Name Format

When managing locations in bulk, it is important to use the correct location name format, or the row will fail during the upload process.

If it is unclear which exact location name is needed, you can navigate (within Marin Search) to a specific Google campaign > Settings sub-tab > Geo-Targeting and use the location search tool.

Format for commonly used location types:

Location Type



Supported for Exclusions


CountryName (Country)

United States (Country)


DMA Region

DMAName,StateName,CountryNme (DMA Region)

San Francisco County,California,United States (DMA Region)



StateName,CountryName (State)

California,United States (State)


Postal Code

PostalCode,StateName,CountryName(Postal Code)

94103,California,United States (Postal Code)



CityName,StateName,CountryName (City)

San Francisco,California,United States(City)


Region or Province

RegionName,CountryName (Region)

Calabria,Italy (Region)


Proximity in miles or km (Radius)

RadiusUnit:Lat,Long (Proximity)

20.0mi:-2.252,-69.785(Proximity) or



Location Extensions / My Business Locations

RadiusUnit: (Location Extension)

2mi: (Location Extension)


5km: (Location Extension)


FTP Support

You can upload sitelink files via FTP using the following naming conventions:

  • geoLocationTargetCampaigns_FILENAME.txt

  • geoLocationTargetCampaignsHeld_FILENAME.txt

For more information, please read our Help article.


  • This functionality is available for Google only.

  • Occasionally, there is a delay between the time Google Ads adds a new location and when Marin Search updates its location lists. Any locations that are in AdWords but not yet in the platform will show up as a numerical value in the export file. (e.g. 9045287 (GEO)). If these show up, they can be exported and uploaded exactly as a normal location.

Additional notes

  • This feature is currently not available to Marin Professional users, however support may be added in a future release. 
  • When using radius geo-targeting, Marin Search will sync in your radius targeting setting, but it will only show the coordinates (latitude and longitude), not the exact location name as seen in the publisher interface.
  • Targeting Location Extensions within a specific geography is not yet supported by Google's API.

  • Creating Location Extensions targets for a feed other than the My Business account is not yet supported by Google’s API.

  • The location type "prefecture" is supported in Google, but produces errors when used in a Marin bulk upload. As a result, "prefecture" should be substituted with "region" in your bulk upload.

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