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Managing Campaigns

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Understanding the Bulk Upload Preview Page


When uploading objects, the Platform will determine which objects are being added and which are being edited.

Review the counts on this summary to make sure the count matches what you are expecting. If you are trying to edit objects, but they are being shown as additions, it is probably because there is a spelling error in the campaign or group listed in the upload.

Previewing your bulk upload

If the upload creates any new campaigns or groups, you will need to specify the default group bid(s) and campaign budget on this page as well.

New campaigns and groups are placed in the unassigned folder. The next screen summarizes the URL builder settings to be used for the new keywords. If keywords are added to a folder with URL builder turned on, new keywords will be automatically given new destination URLs. Please see help on URL Builder for instruction on setting up URL builder correctly. You can also manually specify the destination URLs in the upload. The parameter can also be included in the destination URL. These parameters will be replaced with a value when the keyword is created.

For example, the URL:


Would be processed as:


The parameters that can be inserted into a keyword destination URL are:

  • [uniq_id] inserts unique keyword ID
  • [folder] inserts folder name
  • [group] inserts group name
  • [campaign] inserts campaign name
  • [match] inserts match type code (broad, exact, phrase, content)

When uploading both edits and new campaigns or groups, you will be given the chance on to skip creations or edits.

The preview screen will provide you with the number of errors, if any, that your bulksheet contains. At this point you can either proceed and find the errors in question from the Activity Log or cancel and review your bulksheet before reloading.

Skipping Previews

If your upload file is larger than 1 MB, you will be given the option of skipping the preview to streamline the upgrade process. You still have the option to skip any edits or new keyword creation, if desired. If the upload file is larger than 3 MB, you will not have the option to preview the changes.


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