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Managing Campaigns

Home > English > Managing Campaigns > Bulk Actions > Troubleshooting Articles: Bulk Actions > Multi-Edits with Grid Filters Including 'reducedDimension=True' Edit Incorrect Keywords

Multi-Edits with Grid Filters Including 'reducedDimension=True' Edit Incorrect Keywords

What is the issue?

This issue occurs under the following circumstances:

  1. Apply the filter reducedDimension=True to the grid on any of the platform's tabs.
  2. Use the super-select checkbox (uppermost box on the left of the grid) to select all objects.
  3. Make a multi-edit to these objects (for example, altering a search bid). Ensure that the Edit all keywords on all pages option is checked (in the case of the Keywords tab).

After this specific set of steps, you may notice that the edit operation will not only edit those objects which match the reduced dimension filter -- other objetcs which do not match will also be edited. In some cases, the issue may even result in every object in the account being edited as per this filtered operation.

Note that this issue is only seen when using the reduced dimension filter.

What causes the issue?

The issue occurs because, when Edit all objects on all pages is selected, the platform edits all objects that match this selection, but ignores the reduced dimension filter. All other filters are applied and respected as you'd expect.

The Platform follows this logic: When selecting Edit all objects on all pages, the platform assumes that you want to edit every object that matches your filter settings -- including those hidden by the reducedDimension=True filter. This may not be the case for all users, however, leading to the issue described above.

Possible workarounds

Please follow these recommendations to avoid the problem:

  • Always use a bulk upload to carry out large number of edits that include the reduced dimension filter. This will eliminate the possibility of this problem occurring, and is just as quick and easy to accomplish. For more information about bulk uploads, please read our Help article.



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