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Managing Campaigns

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Dimensions Advanced Guide

What are the Advanced Settings for Dimensions?

When adding or editing dimensions within the Platform, you have the option of changing advanced settings. More specifically, you can select which mode the dimension will be created with – either Tagging Only or Tagging and Rollup.

How to Change Advanced Settings for Dimensions

You can add or edit dimensions in two ways: either via the main Dimensions tab at the top of the screen, where you can click Create/Edit Dimensions under Related Tasks on the left column, or by clicking Admin in the upper right, then clicking the Dimensions tab. Either of these paths will take you to the relevant screen.

To add a new dimension, just click Create at the top of the grid. Likewise, to edit a dimension, click Edit. In either case, you’ll see the dimension editing pop-up. Near the buttons at the bottom of this pop-up you’ll see the Advanced Settings link. Click this and you’ll be able to choose the mode to create or edit your dimension with. Let’s learn more about these modes.

What is ‘Tagging Only’ Mode?

This is the default mode for all new dimensions, and covers the majority of dimension uses. With Tagging Only mode enabled, you’ll be able to tag objects, filter based on dimensions, and report on your dimensions. This mode is useful because it offers faster performance through simple tagging of objects.

What is ‘Tagging and Rollup’ Mode?

This mode offers all the functionality of Tagging Only mode, with a couple of key differences. It’s important to note that using Tagging and Rollup mode may result in a slight reduction in the speed and performance of the Marin user interface, so we’d only recommend it if you’re sure it will be beneficial. Along with everything listed above, Tagging and Rollup mode offers:

  • A new subtab within the main Dimensions tab for your new dimension. This screen allows you to display rolled up (summarized) metrics based on either keywords or creatives. You can then create reports based on this data.

Note: Your Dimensions tab will only appear if Tagging and Rollup mode is enabled for at least one dimension.

  • You can filter by dimension from within the History tab, which is accessible via the main Home tab. Just look for the Dimensions filter in the lower left corner.
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