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Managing Campaigns

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Tagging Dimensions Using Bulk Upload


Below you'll find detailed instructions on how to tag dimensions using Bulk Upload.

Tagging Dimensions Using Bulk Upload  

  1. Create a bulk sheet that includes the Keyword* column and another column for the dimension you are editing. The header for the dimension is its name.
  2. Go to the relevant grid in the platform (the main Keywords tab, in our example).
  3. Click the Bulk add/edit link in the lower-left to go to the upload page.
  4. Click the Choose File button and select the file to be uploaded.
  5. Select whether upload changes in To be sent or Held status (depending on when you want your changes made), then click on the Next Step button to finish the upload.
  6. Click Process. After processing, check the Activity Log to verify that your upload succeeded. Dimensions can also be set when creating keywords in the same manner.

Note: These instructions are for a keyword bulk upload, but apply to campaigns, groups and creatives as well.


See it in action

Join a member of the Marin Software team as we explain how to assign dimension using bulk upload.

Click the play button to get started.  (Length: 2:08). 


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