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Managing Campaigns

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Understanding the Dimension Filter on the History Tab


This feature allows you to apply a dimension filter on the History tab, in order to monitor trends in your data over time. You can apply multiple dimension filters if you would like and also export this data in to a CSV or PDF report.




Frequently Asked Questions

How does the feature work? What is an example use case?

Suppose you recently ran a promotion on 'Shoes in Europe', and want to study how the CTR% and Conversion Rate for your campaign has done over the last month.

You could go to the Dimension tab, and apply a filter on the left side for 'Line of Business = Shoes' and 'Region = Europe' (note this requires you to have the Line of business and Region dimensions set up and tagged appropriately). Then make sure Show by day is selected, and choose the appropriate date range.

The chart and grid will now update to reflect your chosen filters. You can study the trend and see how the performance has fared. If you wish, you can click Create Report and select a PDF report to export this data.

How are the metrics for these dimension rolled up? Based on keyword or creative?

Dimensions are rolled up based on keyword. It is not possible at this time to roll up by creative.

Which dimensions can I filter on?

As your dimension has its own subtab and appears under the Dimensions tab, you can filter on this dimension.

How many dimension filters can I apply at one time?

You can apply as many dimension filters as you have dimensions. There is no limit.

Can I filter on more than one dimension value for the same dimension?

The question here is, supposing you have a Line of Business dimension, can you filter on multiple dimension values?

e.x. Line of Business = Shoes AND Line of Business = Shirts

Unfortunately this functionality is not supported by the application. You can only filter on one dimension value for one dimension at a time. You can still apply multiple filters for different dimensions (e.x. Line of Business = Shoes AND Region = Europe, would be fully supported).

Where will the dimension filter be applied?

If you apply a dimension filter in the History tab and then navigate to another History subtab for a specific Campaign, Group, Keyword, Creative, or Folder, the dimension filter previously set will apply to these History sub-tabs as well.

You can remove this filter by visiting the Home tab, and clicking the History tab. Once the filter is removed from the main History tab, the filters will also be removed from the History subtabs for specific Campaigns, Groups, Keywords, Creatives, and Folders.



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