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Managing Campaigns

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Viewing Data By Dimension in the Platform


The Dimensions tab lets you view a roll up of account performance by Dimension.

Viewing Data by Dimension

Single Dimension

If there is a single dimension defined, a new tab with the name of the dimension will be added to the top of the screen. This tab has all of the sorting, filtering and reporting features of any screen in our application.

Multiple Dimensions

When there is more than one dimension in an account, a new Dimensions tab is provided. If there is more than one dimension defined, click on the Dimensions tab and select the desired dimension's subtab to navigate to reports. Dimension tabs are ordered alphabetically.

You can filter on the dimension value, chart dimensions and run a report as you would on any grid. Any objects that are not tagged are rolled up into an Uncategorized dimension.

Analyze Performance of Creatives

You can also use dimensions to analyze the performance of creatives. Once the creatives are tagged, select the Roll up by Creative  option.

Analyze Performance of Product Groups

In order to analyze the performance of product groups you need to tag them at the campaign or ad group level. This way, they will roll up at the keyword and creative level. The product group data won't roll up if tagged at the product group level. 

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