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Reduced Dimension Filter Frequently Asked Questions


The Reduced Dimension is a filter available in the platform which is equivalent to ≥1 (at least 1) clicks in the last 2 months.

The Reduced Dimension is automatically applied on the Groups, Keywords, Creatives, Placements, and Product Target tabs for clients who have more than 30,000 keywords or creatives. This allows for faster grid loading times by focusing on those keywords and creatives which are most relevant to you.

Note: In some cases, you may also see "≥1 clicks in the last XX months". This is because the number of months is editable. For more info on how to do this, please reach out to our Customer Support team.  

Multi-edit and the Reduced Dimension

You can also use the Reduced Dimension when multi-editing in the grid in the form of the Apply to items with at least 1 click in last 12 months checkbox. This option is available whether or not the main Reduced Dimension filter is currently applied. 

Just use the checkboxes to select the relevant objects (especially the super-select checkbox to select all objects), then you'll see a few options in the multi-edit bubble. The Apply to items with at least 1 click in last 12 months checkbox will allow you to apply your multi-edit changes to all objects which have had at least 1 click in the relevant timeframe (in our example, 12 months). This essentially excludes any 'dormant' objects. 

To speed up your workflow, the default multi-edit behavior is to have the Reduced Dimension checkbox enabled. If you disable the checkbox, please bear in mind that the edit will be applied to all objects on all pages and may therefore take additional time to complete the edit for a large number of objects.


Frequently Asked Questions

Note: The answers below reference the Keywords tab only; however they also apply to the other tabs listed in the intro above. 

How do i know if the reduced dimension filter is on?

In the grid, you will notice the text "≥1 click keywords" displayed at the bottom of the Keywords tab.

what does "≥1 Click keywords" mean?

When in doubt, remember that "≥1 click keywords" is really an abbreviation for "keywords with ≥1 click in the last 2 months", regardless of the date range selected in the calendar.

If the reduced dimension is on, why do i still see keywords with 0 clicks?

Sometimes, the Reduced Dimension may be on and you will still see an object with 0 clicks. This indicates the item received 0 clicks over the date range you have selected in the calendar, but received at least 1 click sometime during the past 2 months.

i manually applied a filter of "clicks ≥1" and i get a different set of result than the reduced dimension shows. Why is that?

If you apply a filter of clicks ≥1, the grid will show keywords that have ≥1 clicks in the date range you have selected in the calendar. In contrast, the reduced dimension shows keywords that have ≥1 clicks over the last 2 months, regardless of the date range selected.

how does the reduced dimension affect reporting?

The Reduced Dimension acts like another filter in the grid; if it is on and you generate a report, the report will include the filter. If it is on, you will notice the text Reduced Dimension displayed in the Filters section at the top of the report.

Let's walk through an example. If the Reduced Dimension is on in the grid, and you click the Create Report button and select the include items with zero clicks option in the report bubble, what will happen? The answer is that your report will show all keywords in the Reduced Dimension. To download all keywords, you need to click Show all keywords to turn the Reduced Dimension off in the grid, and then generate a report with the Show items with 0 clicks option selected.

Why do we have a reduced dimension?

In order to provide a faster application load times, and allow you to focus on keywords that have actually received traffic, we use the Reduced Dimension on clients with large keywords sets (>30,000 keywords). To see all keywords in your account, you can always click the Show all keywords link at the bottom of the Keywords tab to display the full set.

Can I adjust the size of the reduced dimension?

The filter for Reduced Dimension defaults to ≥1 click in the last 2 months, but the number of months can be adjusted to a lower number (e.g. ≥1 click in the last 2 months) to result in an even faster load. To have this adjusted, please contact your platform representative or our Customer Support team. 

Important notes on latency in the reduced dimension

Because cost reports are uploaded overnight from the publisher, there is a one day gap between activation of a keyword in the application and inclusion of the keyword in the Reduced Dimension. This means that any keyword uploaded will not appear in the Reduced Dimension until at least the next day, even if clicks are received by that keyword on the day of upload.

If a keyword was created directly in the publisher and not the application, there will be a two day gap to allow for the synchronization to complete. During this time, you may wish you to click Show all keywords to turn the Reduced Dimension off and then manually apply the filters (i.e. >0 clicks) to show the data you desire.



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