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Training: An Overview of the Grid

What You'll Learn

In this training article, we'll show you how to:

  • Navigate the Platform's grid quickly and easily.
  • Use the View Builder to customize your experience.
  • Further refine your results using date ranges and filters.


Did you know? The grid is accessible from all of the Platform's main tabs. So once you've learned the skills in one place, you can use them everywhere else. Talk about efficiency!

What is the Grid?

The Platform features a number of main tabs across the top navigation menu, including CampaignsKeywordsGroups and more. When clicking into each of these, your data will be arranged for you in an area known as the grid. You'll hear a lot about the grid as you work more with the Platform, so it's a good idea to get as familiar with it as possible. 



The grid is a unique feature to the Marin Platform, and gives you complete control over your campaign data -- all from one handy location. Even better, the grid is entirely customizable using a range of options including the View Builder, Date Ranger Selector and Filters, all of which we'll explore in this Training article. So without further ado, let's get started.

The Grid buttons

Above the grid you’ll notice a number of buttons that allow you to take various actions. You can Resume, Pause, Create, Edit or Delete anything in the Grid with just a few clicks. Using the checkboxes in the grid, you can select one object, or several, to take advantage of our multi-editing feature.  

To learn more about all of the available buttons in the grid, please see the article linked in the Want to Know More? section at the bottom of this article, or continue on to our Buttons in the Grid Training article.


See it in action

Join a member of the Marin Software team in our video and learn how to explore the grid, use the View Builder to customize your experience, and further refine your results using date ranges and filters. 

Click the play button to get started.  (Length: 3:21). 


How to

Below we'll walk you through how to customize the grid to your specific business needs using the built-in features of the Platform. 

  1. First, navigate to any of the main tabs along the top navigation of the Platform. For example, we'll choose the main Keywords tab.

  2. You'll now be presented with the default grid for the tab you've selected. So let's customize it for your specific needs.
  3. Next, click into the View Builder via the link in the upper-right of the grid.

  4. From the View Builder screen, you can use the various options to add or remove any of the columns shown in the grid. You can also re-order the columns so that they appear in an order that makes sense for you. Once you've built a view you like, simply click Save at the bottom of the pop-up pane. See the Want to Know More? section below for more in-depth details about the View Builder.

  5. Your grid will now update based on the specific columns you've chosen. Nifty, huh? But we can go further than that too. Let's say you only wanted to include data from a certain date range. In that case, look over to the left of the grid and use the Date Range selector to alter the dates for the data shown in the grid. You can also use the Quick Select drop-down to choose a look-back period from a selection of custom options (like Last Week), to a specific range of your choice. 

  6. For an added level of personal customization, you can also use the filters at the top of each grid column to only include data that matches your given values. Simply click the Filter button ('funnel' icon) next to the relevant column header to add your terms.

  7. That's it! Those are the basics of the Platform's grid. You should now be able to customize your view to suit your business needs, and begin to explore some more advanced features within the Platform. 

Try it Yourself

Reading about it and seeing it in action is one thing, but there's nothing like trying it yourself. Below you'll find a handy interactive section which you can use to try out the various features of the grid in a non-live environment. This is entirely separate from the Platform or any of its data, so there's no risk at all. Just have fun and get in some practice!

Click below to get started.


Want to know more?

We've covered everything you should need to know about the Platform's grid in this training article, but there is plenty more content to explore.

Below you'll find a few handy links that will offer some more in-depth detail about the grid and its features.



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