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Training: Buttons in the Grid

What You'll Learn

In this training article, we'll show you how to:

  • Use the buttons above the grid to manage your data.
  • Use the checkboxes in the grid to select multiple objects at once.
  • Understand the buttons that are only available on certain grids. 


Did you know? Every grid comes complete with checkboxes down the left-hand side. You can use these to select objects and make changes to one or more of them at once. 

Which buttons are available?

Above the grid you’ll notice a number of buttons that allow you to take various actions. You can Resume, Pause, Create, Edit or Delete anything in the Grid with just a few clicks, as well as using a number of different grid-specific buttons.

Using the checkboxes in the grid, you can select one object, or several, to take advantage of our multi-editing feature.  


See it in action

Join a member of the Marin Software team as we show you where to find, and how to use, the Platform's most common grid buttons. 

Click the play button to get started.  (Length: 5:01). 


How to

Below we'll provide a visual reference guide to the buttons available in the Platform's grid. Note that those shown below are the general buttons found across most of the main grids. You'll also find tab-specific buttons which we'll go into in more detail later on.

In order to use most of these buttons, you'll need to use the checkboxes in the grid to select the relevant objects that you want to makes changes to. Below we'll show you an image of the icon along with a description of what that particular button does.

  • Pause: pause.png Click here to pause the selected objects (e.g. campaigns, ad group, keywords or creatives). The Platform will push the changes to the publisher on your behalf. 


  • Resume: resume#.png This button allows you to resume any objects that have already been paused.



  • Scheduled Actions: scheduled.png With this button, you can set a specific time and date for the app to take specific actions. For example, you can set certain keywords to be Paused or Resumed at a certain point in the future, without having to log in yourself to do it.

  • Create: create.png Click here to create a new object. Depending on the grid, this could be a new campaign, keyword or creative.


  • Editedit.png Clicking this button will allow you to make edits to any of your selected campaigns, keywords, or creatives.


  • Copy: copy.png Clicking the Copy button allows you to duplicate the selected objects. A pop-up will appear where you can fill in details about where you want the objects to be copied to. 
  • Chart: chart.png The Chart button gives you the chance to get a more visual view of your data. Just click it, then select your metrics and choose a graph layout.

Grid-specific buttons

As mentioned above, you may encounter different buttons depending on which grid you're looking at. Below we'll give you a brief rundown of the most common grid-specific buttons you'll find:

Campaigns grid    

  • Add campaigns to folder: This button allows you to add any selected campaigns to a specific bidding folder.

Groups Grid    

  • Sync Groups: This button will activate the syncing process for any of your selected groups.
  • Add groups to folder: This button allows you to add any selected groups to a specific bidding folder.

Keywords Grid    

  • Expand: This button allows you to activate Keyword Expansion for the selected keywords. See the Want to Know More? section below for more details about this feature. 

Creatives grid  

  • AB Testing: With this button you can set up tests to discover which of the two creatives you've chosen perform better. 

Try it yourself

Sometimes the best way to learn is to simply try your hand at it. That's why we've developed the interactive section below. It's totally isolated from the main Platform, so you can try things out to your heart's content without worrying about affecting any live data.

Just click below to get started.


Want to know more?

There's plenty more to learn about the Platform's grid and its many features. Below you'll find a few links to articles that should give you a little more insight into the grid:



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