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Training: Managing Keywords in the Platform

What You'll Learn  

In this training article, we'll explain how to use the Platform's powerful grid to effortlessly manage all of your keywords (or any other objects). With instant search and a range of in-depth analytical features, the grid is one of the best tools in the Platform's toolkit. 

Among other things, you'll learn:

  • How to use the Platform's grid to manage your keywords.
  • How to add, edit and remove keywords from the grid.
  • Some useful techniques on making the most of every grid in the Platform. 

Handy Tip: The Platform grid includes features that allow you to filter, drill-down dates, build custom views and much more.

The Basics

Let's begin with an introduction to the grid and how it works. 

We know how important it is to get the information you need fast, so we've designed the grid to operate as fluidly as possible. To optimize your workflow, the grid offers features such as instant search, advanced text filters, and various sorting options. Likewise, the grid also offers a built-in View Builder, so you can add or remove the columns you need anytime. And with the Campaign Navigator, you can visualize your campaign structure in all-new ways. 

The Platform's grid features a number of easy-to-use functions which are accessible across multiple tabs. That means that once you've mastered the grid on the Keywords tab, using it across the platform will be easy. 

See it in Action

Join a member of the Marin Software team as we take you on a guided tour of the Platform's grid. In just a few minutes you'll learn how to actively manage your keywords -- and any other objects -- using the grid. 

Click the play button to get started. We recommend viewing the video in full-screen. 

How To

In this section, we'll explain step-by-step how to manage your account keywords using the Platform's grid. 

  1. First, click into the main SmartGrid tab. 
  2. You'll notice four sub-tabs: Campaigns, Groups, Keywords, Creatives and Dynamic Targets. For this training course, we'll focus on the Keywords sub-tab, so click there now. Remember that a large proportion of what you'll learn is transferable across all of these sub-tabs.
  3. The first thing to note is the handy controls at the top of the grid. From here, you can filter your keywords by any text string or use the Create button ('plus' icon) to add new keywords. You can also use the checkboxes in the grid to select any number of keywords, then Pause, ResumeDelete or Edit them using these controls. From the Edit screen, you can alter attributes such as Dimension tags, Search Bids and Destination URLs.


  4. The grid itself is highly dynamic and customizable in the sense that you can click and drag the columns in any order. You can also use the column header edges to increase or decrease the size of any column. A single click on any column header will sort the data in the grid by that particular metric. 
  5. To filter any of the columns in the grid, just click the 'funnel' icon next to any of the headers. Depending on the content of that column, you can use either text filters or radio buttons to drill-down to the data you need to see. 
    controls2.jpg        controls3.jpg

  6. If the column you want to see isn't visible in the grid, you can use the View Builder to add it. Look to the right side of the grid and you'll see the View Builder button. Click here and you'll be able to select from a wide variety of metric columns to add to the grid. If you like the view, you can save it by clicking the 'star' button. 

  7. You can turn any custom view into either a one-time or recurring report by clicking the Report button above the grid and adjusting the options to suit you. See the Want to Know More? section below for links to more content about reporting. 

Try it Yourself

We know it's not always ideal to try out Platform features on your live data, so we've created the training widget below. It's a totally offline replication of the Platform, and you can follow the simple instructions to learn about the grid first-hand. Don't worry, your results won't be recorded, this is just for practice.  To get started, just click into the interactive section below.

Want To Know More?Edit section

Now that you're in-the-know when it comes to the grid, there's a lot more content to dive into. Below we'll list a few handy links that will help you achieve even more with the grid and the Platform as a whole. 



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