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Training: The Copy Tool

What You'll Learn

In this training article, we'll show you how to:

  • Use the Copy Tool to duplicate objects (like keywords or creatives) between publishers.
  • Understand which objects are supported for the Copy Tool.  

Did you know? You can use the Copy Tool to copy objects from one publisher to another, or within the same publisher. The choice is yours!

What is the Copy Tool?

With the Platform's Copy Tool, you can quickly and easily copy objects within the Platform.




Supported objects include campaigns, groups, keywords, creatives, or placements. Note that the Copy Tool can only be used to copy objects within one client account. You can copy between different publishers, such as Google and Microsoft, but only if they are in the same client account.

The following publisher operations are supported by the Copy Tool:

  • Google > Microsoft

  • Google > Yahoo Gemini

  • Google > Google

  • Microsoft > Microsoft


While the Copy Tool is designed to copy almost all objects in the Platform, there are some exceptions. The following list outlines what can and cannot be done with the tool:

  • Objects that can be copied: Campaigns with settings (inc. Dimension values and Geo-targets), Groups with settings (inc. folder mappings), Keywords, Creatives, Campaign Level Sitelinks, Placements, Negative Keywords, Language targets, and Timezone.
  • Objects that cannot be copied: Image ads, Deleted items, Scheduled Actions, Ad Extensions, Bid Overrides and Policy Exemptions
  • Objects that cannot be copied between publishers: Live Parameters, Placements, Non-text Creatives, Negative Placements, Settings that are at different levels in Google and Microsoft (e.g. end date, status, and distribution).

See it in action

Join a member of the Marin Software team as we explain how to use the Copy Tool to make your campaign management as smooth and seamless as possible. 

Click the play button to get started.  (Length: 2:24). 


How to

With our handy visual step-by-step guide, you can quickly get to grips with the Copy Tool and learn everything you need to get started right away. 

To begin, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Platform as normal. 
  2. Head to the relevant grid that holds the objects you'd like to copy. Supported grids include Campaigns, Groups, Keywords, Creatives, and Placements.
  3. Use the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the grid to select the objects you'd like to copy. Note that only items on first page will be copied, even if the super-select checkbox is checked.

  4. Click the Copy button at the top of the grid. 

  5. The copy bubble will appear, where you'll find the various tools and options to complete the copy operation. It's here that you'll specify the destination for your chosen objects, including the Account, Campaign and Group as applicable. 

  6. You can also use the Find and Replace section to update any specific text strings in the objects you're copying. For example, you may want to change the color listed in a keyword, or perhaps the headline of a creative. The Platform will warn you if the text string replacement is longer than the existing one, as this may cause problems at the publisher's end. 
  7. And that's it! Simply click Save and all of the objects you've chosen will be sent to the Activity Log to be sent to the publisher. Any text value replacements you've chosen will also be queued for posting. If you are copying campaigns to Microsoft, please ensure before pushing the publisher that the time zone at the campaign level is set up to your preferred time zone - the time zone will be aligned with the Geo-targeting of the campaign which can be checked in the settings section in Marin at the campaign level. 

Try it Yourself

The Copy Tool is a great resource for saving time and making the most of your campaign management, so why not try it yourself? With our interactive section below, you can test out the Copy Tool in an isolated environment that's not connected to any live data. That means you can get to grips with the feature without affecting any of your own objects. Don't worry, nothing is recorded; this is all for practice. 

Click an icon below to begin. 

Want to know more?

The info above offers practically everything you need to know about the Copy Tool, but there are still other related topics that may be of use. Below we'll list a few related articles which may enhance your use of the Copy Tool.




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