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25th May 2017 Release Notes

Leverage Your CRM Data in New Ways with RUBOID and Marin Tracker

RUBOID (Revenue Upload By Order ID) is a feature that provides a new layer of functionality on top of Marin’s native measurement solution, Marin Tracker. If you are using Marin Tracker, RUBOID allows you to use an online conversion event ID as a unique token between Marin Enterprise and your existing data warehouse.

Below are some examples of how you can improve your ad measurement data using Marin Tracker and RUBOID:

  • Latent Adjustments:  Adjust the online conversion and/or revenue amount attributed to your advertising campaigns (supports adjusting by +ve or –ve values).
  • Online-2-Offline Conversion Funnels: Measure the complete conversion funnel, even when the bottom funnel events are are carried out offline.
  • Measuring Customer LTV: Use this feature to upload Customer Lifetime Value data.
  • Report Accurate Margin Data: Use this feature to upload accurate margin data (i.e. data that isn’t always known at the time of the online transaction).


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