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April 2014 Release Notes

Increase Engagement with Group-Level Google Sitelinks

Google sitelinks increase engagement by enabling advertisers to create richer, more relevant ads that provide additional links to specific, deeper website content. To help advertisers generate more relevant and engaging ads at scale, we are excited to announce bulk support for group-level Google sitelinks. In addition to creating, editing, and deleting group-level sitelinks in bulk, users can view these sitelinks through the Ad Extensions tab or bulk sitelinks report.

Note: Please contact your customer engagement and customer success managers to enable this feature. At this time, single-edit support for group-level sitelinks is not available.

For more information on bulk support for group-level Google sitelinks, click here.


Efficiently Rename Campaigns & Ad Groups In Bulk

As accounts grow and mature, marketers often find the need to rename campaigns and ad groups to align with business needs. However, updating multiple campaign and ad group names is a non-trivial task for larger, more complex accounts. To streamline this process and save marketers' time, the platform now supports bulk editing campaign and ad group names using a simple object ID. To ensure quality, the platform will also automatically check for duplicate names.

For more information on renaming campaigns and ad groups in bulk, click here.

SmartGrid Enhancements

In an effort to continually improve the speed and ease of our customers' workflow, we have added numerous enhancements to our SmartGrid user interface. For one, SmartGrid's capabilities have been extended beyond Keywords, Creatives and Campaigns to Groups. SmartGrid allows advertisers to filter, analyze and take action on large sets of Ad Groups faster than ever. Secondly, we have added OR / AND filtering logic to our reporting filters, for added flexibility while analyzing large sets of data. Marketers looking for Ad Groups with "shoes" and "jackets" and "hats" can easily get the data they need. Finally, we have added the ability to drill down from your campaigns into groups or keywords. This enhancement allows our advertisers to enjoy the same type of "analytics to action" workflow in the SmartGrid that we have traditionally offered in the other parts of the app. We encourage our customers to check out our latest SmartGrid enhancements and start to save even more time with our efficient, unique workflow.

Multi-Edit Functionality for SmartGrid

In a continuing effort to enhance workflow speed and ease of use for advertisers, we have added enhancements to our SmartGrid reporting and management interface. SmartGrid allows advertisers to filter, analyze and take action on large data sets faster than ever. With our latest release, we've added multi-edit and build URLs for keywords and creatives through SmartGrid. Additionally, through SmartGrid advertisers can now edit Search bids and manipulate dimension values in bulk.

Publisher Account Linking Wizard (Pro Only)

Customers using our Professional product now have a faster, easier way to link and authenticate publisher accounts through our platform. The Linking Wizard allows Professional customers to view and manage accounts settings all in one single interface. Advertisers looking to quickly link and sync down multiple publisher accounts can now do so all in a few easy clicks, allowing them to realize the value of our platform faster than ever.

For more information about the Linking Wizard for Marin Professional, please click here.

Build your URLs on demand using the SmartGrid

The new time-saving URL Build Now feature is a simple way to trigger the URL builder on the fly, without having to use the bulk add/edit function. To use the feature, navigate to the SmartGrid, choose the items you want to work on, then click on the Edit button (the ‘pencil’ icon). Under the Destination URL section, select Build URLs from the drop-down list. You will see then see options enabling you to build URLs instantly.

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