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August 29th 2014 Release Notes

Important info regarding Legacy Google PLA campaigns

Mark your calendar! Starting on September 2nd, Google will limit the functionality and eventually auto-upgrade your PLA campaigns. If you haven't already transitioned to Google Shopping campaigns, make sure to plan your upgrade as soon as possible to ensure your settings and structure are set up correctly.

Please note that as of September 2nd, you won't be able to make changes to your legacy Google PLA's -- except for alterations to their status (for example, switching from Active to Paused). If you do try to make changes to bids and URLs for existing legacy Google PLA's (product targets) via bulk-, multi-, or single-edit -- or create new legacy product targets -- these jobs will fail.   

Google Sitelinks Cost and Revenue Reporting

For Google accounts, Marin now allows customers to manage and report on sitelinks at the sitelink-level. This includes the ability to report cost and revenue, and build URLs. Enhanced reporting will allow for revenue attribution and increased insight into which sitelinks perform best. 

Support for this feature will be rolled out in phases. Tracker and Google Analytics are not initially supported, but support is planned for a future release. For Marin Professional customers, this feature is initially available for publisher tracking only. Please contact your account team for more information or to enable this capability. 


Sitelinks Cloning Support Simplifies Copying Campaigns from Google to Bing

Many clients use Marin’s cloner tool to create new Bing campaigns from existing Google campaigns. With this release, Marin has added support for sitelinks to our campaign cloner tool to help our customers seamlessly copy Google campaigns to Bing. Now, any campaigns cloned from Google to Bing will include campaign-level sitelinks in addition to keywords, negative keywords, groups and creative. 


Quickly Promote High-Performing Facebook Posts by Post ID at Scale

Marin now supports bulk upload for Facebook Post IDs. This capability allows advertisers to quickly upload the IDs of high-performing Published Page posts, and then easily deploy Promoted Facebook Page Post ads at scale. The improved workflow eliminates the need to search through existing Page Posts, and assists collaboration between Paid Advertising and Social Engagement teams.

Facebook Campaign Wizard Support for Mobile and Canvas App Ads

Marin’s Facebook Campaign Wizard now supports the design and deployment of mobile app and canvas app ads. With this update, customers can now use our step-by-step Facebook campaign interface to launch mobile and canvas app ads with a wide variety of creative and test them against each targeted audience segment, allowing for easy scalability. 


Upgrade to Yahoo! Japan Promotional Ads API version 5.1

Marin has updated our Yahoo! Japan API integration to support version 5.1. As a result, please note the following changes have been made.

Yahoo! Japan previously sunset text ads, and we have correspondingly deprecated them in our platform. In addition, Yahoo! Japan has made mobile ads read-only, and so we have done the same within Marin. Finally, campaign level geo targets and ad scheduling that were previously single edit will now be displayed as read-only in the Marin app.

New Enhancements for Saved Views Provide More Customization (Enterprise only)

Marin now offers broad support for saved views in SmartGrid, accessible via the star icon on the right-hand side of the toolbar. This feature allows advertisers to create views with a name and description, and then access those views across any client. SmartGrid saved views are currently stored locally on the user’s browser and cannot be shared with other users or loaded on different browsers or computers. Support for cross-browser/cross-user saved views will follow in a future release.

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