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February 2014 Release Notes

Save Time With Recurring Multi-Client Reports

Users leveraging multiple client accounts often need to view performance across each account within a single report on a recurring basis. This requires users to constantly generate and stitch together multiple recurring reports. To streamline this process and save marketers time, the platform now supports recurring multi-client reporting. Users can now easily set up recurring CSV and Web Query reports to run across all client accounts or across select client accounts assigned with the same advertiser tag. Recurring multi-client reports are defined in the Report Settings window.

For more information on recurring multi-client reports, click here.

Efficiently Manage Campaigns With Multi-Client Bulk Editing

Users working across multiple client accounts frequently need to make changes to campaign objects that exist in different clients. Last month, we released FTP support for submitting bulk edits across multiple clients. Today, to further simplify this workflow and save even more time, users can add a Client column to a normal bulk sheet and upload this single file in the Platform to make changes across multiple clients.

For more information on multi-client bulk editing, click here.

Gain More Visibility & Control With The All Clients Activity Log

Users frequently reference the Activity Log when monitoring automated tasks, reviewing changes, or taking actions within an account. For some advertisers and agencies, accessing individual Activity Logs across multiple client accounts can be a time-consuming task. To provide multi-client users with more visibility and control, the All Clients view now combines the Activity Logs of every client account into a single All Clients Activity Log.

For users submitting multi-client bulk uploads, the All Clients Activity Log provides a complete summary of the actions taken within each client account. Users can identify and address issues, review changes, and take additional actions within this single, unified view.

For more information on the All Clients Activity Log, click here.

Maximize Mobile Performance with Calculated Group-Level Mobile Bid Adjustments for Unified Campaigns

Last month, to help advertisers optimize Yahoo! Japan unified campaigns and maintain control over mobile performance, we announced the ability for users to assign group-level mobile bid adjustments. Today we are excited to announce that the platform will automatically calculate optimal group-level mobile bid adjustments for Yahoo! Japan unified campaigns. This enables advertisers to maximize mobile performance with increased control and flexibility.

Nightly calculations are seamlessly integrated with the platform's automated bidding solution and Folders will optimize mobile bid adjustments against different key performance indicators (KPI) based on Folder goals. Additionally, intelligent data expansion logic will be applied to calculate adjustments for groups with sparse data.

To enable this feature for a particular group, navigate to the Folder containing the group and click the Mobile Bid Adjustment link in the left-hand navigation. If group-level adjustments are active, the campaign-level adjustment will be ignored by the publisher.

For more information on group-level mobile bid adjustment calculations, click here.

Baidu API Upgraded

The platform has been upgraded to the most recent version of the Baidu API (v3).

New FTP File Types

For users of the Platform's FTP bulk upload functionality, the following file types have been added to further improve options and workflow:

  • campaignAuto (to send campaign-level changes to the publisher automatically once they have been processed)
  • keywordEdit (to only process keyword edits and skip any keyword creates)
  • keywordEditHeld (to edit keywords and then hold the changes in the activity log for review)

For more information on all supported file types, click here.

Enhanced Validation for User Creation

To save time and reduce upkeep, Admin users can now re-create a deleted user with the same email address.

Removal of the Google content bid for groups in Display-only campaigns

Google is no longer allowing (non-zero) values for the content bid field in groups that belong to Display only campaigns after Feb 18th. To observe these changes we have made some adjustments in the platform. More information can be found here.

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