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January 2015 Release Notes

Enhanced support for google dynamic search ads

In addition to creating Google Dynamic Search Ads, Marin customers are now able to create and manage Google Dynamic Search Targets through SmartGrid. This feature allows customers to quickly create and edit their DSAs in bulk through Marin to save time and capture additional traffic. 

In addition, Marin now offers convenient URL Builder support for DSAs. Customers can automatically build redirect URLs, append relevant parameters to destination URLs, and utilize auto correct for any URL mistakes in their DSAs. 

For more information, please click here.


Google ad hoc publisher reports support

Marin now supports Ad Hoc Publisher reports, allowing customers to run pre-defined Google API reports directly from Marin’s SmartGrid. This feature affords a streamlined workflow, eliminating the need to log into AdWords separately to access report data. Initial reports available in this release are: Campaign Geo Report, Campaign Search Query Report, and Estimated Conversions Report. We look forward to rolling out additional report types from Google in future releases. 

Please note that, as canned API reports, these will only have data from Google and will not contain any 3rd party revenue data or data from Marin’s grids.


Manage google flexible bid strategies

Customers using Google’s Flexible Bid Strategies feature may now sync and edit these settings directly in Marin. This feature introduces time-savings and workflow efficiencies by eliminating the need to log into AdWords to implement changes.

Yahoo! Japan quicklinks support (enterprise only)

Marin now supports management and reporting for Yahoo! Japan QuickLinks at scale, allowing advertisers to take advantage of this popular ad extension directly in Marin. 

Customers can sync down their QuickLinks at the campaign and group level, and view them in the Campaigns > Ad Extensions sub-tab. From there, advertisers can create and edit QuickLinks in bulk. For reporting, customers can download QuickLinks cost data and view it alongside Google and Bing data in the Sitelinks SmartGrid. 

For access to these features, please contact your account team.

Bing publisher revenue reporting

Customers who utilize Bing publisher tracking can now view revenue reporting directly in Marin through the grid and the Keyword Performance Report. This feature removes the need to rely on separate publisher revenue reporting, and allows advertisers to better track Bing performance alongside other publisher campaigns in Marin.

Bid boosts by publisher & match type in bulk

Marin now allows customers to set different bid boosts for specific publishers and match types within the same folder, through bulk uploads. This option allows customers to flexibly bid more or less aggressively for keywords of certain match types across a folder, offering greater control and easier management. 

For more information, please click here.

Introducing the social tab with smartGrid functionality

Marin’s new Social tab is specifically tailored to managing and organizing social advertising campaigns. The Social tab runs on SmartGrid and provides quick access to the Facebook Campaign Wizard. Customers utilizing this new feature can expect faster response times and improved social workflows. 

For more information, please refer to the following help desk article.



Access viewthrough conversion reporting directly in Marin

Marin Display clients who are tracking viewthrough conversions for their Perfect Audience advertising campaigns can now access all conversion data through the Marin reporting dashboard via a custom conversions-only setting. This enables advertisers to gain additional transparency into their cross-channel and display advertising performance. Please note the data is not de-duplicated.

New enhancements to smartGrid

Marin now supports the ability to schedule actions in SmartGrid. This feature allows customers to pause and resume campaigns, groups, and creatives at a scheduled time and date in the future. Users can schedule multiple actions in advance for easy campaign management. This option is available on the Campaigns, Groups and Creatives tabs for the actions "Pause" and "Resume.” 

Additionally, SmartGrid will now remember an advertiser’s selection of filters, column choice, date range, and navigation as they move across different SmartGrids. Advertisers may also save views, and SmartGrid will remember them within the browser where they were created. These enhancements are designed to create an intuitive workflow and improve the overall SmartGrid experience.

Client MCC Linking available in the linking wizard

Marin's Linking Wizard now supports the ability to easily link multiple AdWords accounts from a single client MCC into Marin simultaneously. To enable this feature, please contact your account team.


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