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July 2014 Release Notes

Support for Google Shopping Campaigns 

Google Shopping Campaigns are a new campaign type for AdWords Product Listing Ads that streamline product ad management, bidding, and reporting. Marin now offers support for this new campaign type. Advertisers can sync down and edit campaigns and associated product groups, optimize bidding to automatically bid to any business objective, and track and report on Shopping Campaign revenue from any data source using Marin’s URL Builder. 

To learn more about support for Google Shopping Campaigns, please read our Help article or join our upcoming webinar, details to follow. If you would like to have Google Shopping Campaign support enabled, please contact your Marin account team or support for more information.




Support for Baidu Integrated Campaigns

Baidu Integrated Campaigns provide a streamlined way to advertise across devices through a single campaign. Advertisers can choose to target both desktop and mobile with a single bid or set a bid modifier for ads served on mobile devices. 

Marin now allows for easy creation and syncing of Integrated Campaigns in bulk. Advertisers can also manage and optimize their Baidu campaigns by device at scale by setting mobile bid adjustments or creating mobile preferred ads in our platform. Finally, Marin reporting provides key insights by comparing performance against other publishers and channels. 


Support for Google Search Network with Display Select Campaigns 

Marin now offers support for Search Network with Display Select campaigns, as a result of our upgrade to Google’s latest API. This campaign type extends reach to additional customers as they search and visit sites across the web. Any Search & Display campaign that is actively managed will be upgraded to the newer Search with Display Select campaign type, and all others will be upgraded by Google later this year.

Additionally, Marin will no longer calculate group content bids, which have been deprecated by Google. Customers who are interested in leveraging automated bidding for the Google Display Network should instead utilize the Display Only campaign type.




Automated Headroom Adjustment (Marin Professional Only)

One of the main reasons advertisers use our platformis to achieve a desired financial goal through Search, Social and Display advertising. However, sometimes advertisers can fall marginally short of their goals due to the presence of "headroom" in online advertising auctions. Headroom, by definition, is the difference between the bid you make and the actual price you pay for a click. To address this common problem, we have made our recently released Automated Headroom Adjustment functionality available to existing Marin Professional customers. Customers who utilize Automated Headroom Adjustments should experience a more streamlined bidding workflow and more consistency between their Max CPC bids and actual CPC’s paid to the publisher.

Please note that as a result of this enhancement, new bidding folders created by Marin Professional users will no longer have a 25% bid boost added by default. Folders created in new Marin client accounts will be automatically opted into Automated Headroom Adjustment, however folders created in existing Marin client accounts must opt into the feature by request.

Note that there will be no change in folder boost or bidding behavior for existing folders. 

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