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July 2015 Release Notes

Clone Google Campaigns to Yahoo Gemini to Easily Scale Across Publishers

With Yahoo’s renewed commitment to Search, there is no better time than now to integrate Yahoo Gemini into your advertising strategy. In this release, we’re making it easier than ever to get started with Yahoo! Gemini by adding support for this publisher for our widely-used Campaign Cloner tool. Using Campaign Cloner, users can now quickly scale their search and display programs by easily copying Google search and display network campaigns to create new Gemini search and native campaigns, allowing advertisers to scale across publishers with minimal effort.

For more information on Marin’s cloner tool, please refer to this article.



Enhanced Saved Views in Smart Grid For a More Streamlined Workflow

Marin’s popular Saved Views functionality has been enhanced to help advertisers more easily gain relevant insights through customized views and share them with their colleagues.

With enhanced Saved Views, advertisers can save time by having their preferred views saved and readily available whenever they log into Marin, improving their visibility into the metrics that matter most to them and their organization. Additionally, shared Saved Views from within an advertiser’s organization and predefined views for commonly used reports, such as “Top Performing Keywords” and “Low CTR Keywords”, will also be available to help advertisers to easily streamline their workflow.

For more information about Saved Views, please read our Support Center article


Expand Your Program Faster With Sitelink Support for Smart Sync

To help our customers more easily scale their search campaigns across multiple publishers, we have added sitelink support for Marin’s Smart Sync solution. With this enhancement, sitelink creations and edits will automatically be synced from their Google to Bing paired campaigns, allowing advertisers to effortlessly replicate sitelink-enabled campaigns across publishers.

For more information on Smart Sync, please refer to this article


Marin's New Support Center

We're launching a new Support Center! Now when you log into the Platform and click Help you’ll be directed to our brand new site.

Take a look at the video below to see an introduction of how the new Support Center works.

Want to know more? Take a look at our help article to find out more about what to expect in addition to an FAQ to help make your transition seamless.

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