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July 31st 2015 Release Notes

Support for Seamless Onboarding for Yahoo! Gemini

Continuing in Marin’s commitment to offering the most comprehensive support for Yahoo! Gemini, we’re now helping to make onboarding Gemini accounts easier than ever.

Customers can now sync in all Gemini Native and Search campaigns, groups, keywords, and ads, regardless of the amount of traffic received. For customers that have been considering advertising on Gemini, there is no better time than now to try Gemini, as they can save time and streamline the onboarding process with this enhancement.


Update on Upgraded URLs to Help Minimize Disruptions to Your Workflow

Upgraded URLs was introduced by Google to provide advertisers with an easier and faster way to manage and track important information about each click on AdWords ads. As of this month, Google has deprecated support for the old destination URL format in favor of new Upgraded URLs. Any un-migrated keywords, ads, and other objects will continue to serve in the short-term, but the legacy Destination URL field is now read-only and cannot be edited. 

In the coming weeks, Google will attempt to auto-migrate as many remaining un-migrated accounts to Upgraded URLs as they are able to. Objects remaining un-migrated in the long term will eventually stop serving, so it is important that customers make sure that all their active ads are upgraded before it's too late. 

Additionally, over the next few releases, Marin will be sunsetting its legacy Destination URL feature set. In this release, the new URL Builder will be enabled for all Marin clients, regardless of migration status. 

For more information on URL Builder, please read our New URL Builder article.

Connect Offline Experiences with Online through Google Local Inventory Ads

Google Local Inventory Ads (LIA), an extension of Google Shopping Ads, has been a huge success with retailers with brick-and-mortar locations, with one major retailer seeing a 33% increase in in-store visits, and another seeing a 122%, increase. Local Inventory Ads provide consumers with all the information they expect from an online ad, including price, description, and image, but also include the closest retail location where they can purchase the product in-person. This ad type is especially advantageous during times when providing instant gratification is key, such as during the last few days of the holiday season or back to school. 

Marin now helps customers streamline their workflows by allowing them to sync, create, and edit their Local Inventory Ads within the Platform, right next to all their other Shopping ads. Customers can easily compare the performance of their LIAs to all their other ads in Marin and save time managing and making updates to their LIAs by being able to do everything in one place. 

For more information on LIAs, please read our Support Center article.  


Increase Installations of Mobile Apps with Google Mobile App Installs Campaigns

According to Search Engine Journal, 85% of consumers prefer mobile apps to websites. To help customers increase installations of their apps, Marin now offers support for Google Mobile App Installs Campaigns, allowing customers to easily create, edit, and manage these campaigns and their ads within the Marin Platform. Customers can now manage mobile app install ads and report on them alongside other ad types, to experience a true cross channel view of their advertising.

For more info on Google Mobile App Install Ads, please read our Support Center article.

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