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June 2015 Release Notes

Launch of marin smart sync for easier cross publisher management

We are excited to release the first version of Marin's Smart Sync tool. With Smart Sync, users can save time when pairing accounts, campaigns, and groups and have changes automatically synced from Google to Bing.

Smart Sync is available in the Smart Grid and currently allows users to clone Google Accounts, Campaigns, and Groups in Bing. Edits made to a Google object will automatically sync to its paired Bing object and propagate to corresponding lower level objects. This excludes bids, budgets, and dimensions.



Support for location proximity targeting for more relevant ads

Marin understands that advertisers are looking to provide the right ad, at the right place and at the right time. With location proximity targeting support from Marin, users can target customers when they are at or near your business locations.

Location proximity targeting allows users to manage AdWords Location Groups within the Marin’s Bulk Location Targets. Users can utilize their Location Extension feed to set a distance (radius) around each defined location as a campaign geo-target, allowing them to add location targeting to their Google campaigns efficiently at scale.




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