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June 24th 2016 Release Notes

SKU-Level Reporting For Shopping Campaigns

Marin Software is pleased to announce SKU-level reporting for Google Shopping Campaigns. This is a major reporting enhancement, which enables Marin users to view critical shopping performance data for each unique product SKU. These metrics include: impressions, conversions, revenue and profit margin. Take advantage of SKU-level reporting today to enhance your understanding of individual product performance and unlock new insights about your Shopping campaigns. Learn more from our in-depth Support Center article for more information.


Marin "Tracker" For Shopping Campaigns

Marin's proprietary conversion tracking solution – Tracker – is now fully compatible with Shopping campaigns. For any customer using Marin Tracker, you will now be able to view Shopping conversions and analytics powered by Marin Tracker. If you are interested in learning more about using Marin Tracker with your shopping campaigns, please contact your Customer Success representative.

Support for Expanded Text Ads, Sync & Report

Marin Software has spent months working closely with our counterparts at Google Adwords and we're excited to formally announce our first phase of support for Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). With this release, any Marin customer currently participating in the AdWords ETA-beta can now sync and view all the critical reporting metrics for their ETAs within the Marin Search application. You will now be able to view all the same performance metrics in Marin that you can  view with legacy text-ads, such as: impressions, clicks, cost, conversions, revenue and profit margin.  In addition, you will be able to view your ETA performance side-by-side with your legacy text ads. If you have been participating in the ETA beta for an extended period of time, your Marin Software Customer Success team can download all your historical data. Marin's final phase of ETA support – which will add ETA create and edit capabilities – is slated for a mid-July release.



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