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Marin Social: April 19th 2018 Release Notes

Geographical Targeting For "Store Visit" Ads

Marin Social has supported the Store Visit objective for some time now, which allows you to create dynamic local ads for multiple store locations so you can drive store visits and in-store sales. With the newly added Geographical Targeting, you can now also promote your business locations to users within a chosen geographical area when using the Store Visits objective. 

You're able to promote your business locations to all Facebook users within a certain geographical area -- for example, New York City -- and Facebook users within this area will be shown ads which promote the closest one of your locations to them.

Want to give it a try? For more information about Geographical Targeting for Store Visit ads, please read our Support Center article

Map Cards for Non-"Store Visit" Ads

Along with support for the Store Visit objective, Marin Social has supported Map Cards for Store Visit ads for some time. Map Cards are useful to you as an advertiser because they can show users the exact location of the nearest store based on their phone's GPS location. 

With this release, we've added support for Map Cards to two additional objectives: Conversions and Outside Traffic. When creating ads using these objectives (or Store Visits), you'll be able to switch Map Cards on or off with a simple toggle. And, of course, you can also use the platform's Mass Editor to create your Map Cards in double-quick time. 

Small Enhancements And Bug Fixes

Following are details about any other small enhancements or bug fixes included with this release. 

Facebook API update (2.10 > 2.11)

The Facebook Marketing API has been updated to version 2.11. As part of this upgrade, the following changes have been made within Marin Social:

  • CLICKS, IMPRESSIONS, PAGE_ENGAGEMENT, POST_ENGAGEMENT, or REACH can no longer be used as optimization goals for Video Views objective campaigns. VIDEO_VIEWS is now the only valid optimization goal.
  • The 15 Second Video Views metric has been removed.
  • REACH and BRAND_AWARENESS can no longer be used as optimization goals for Brand Awareness objective campaigns. AD_RECALL_LIFT is now the only valid optimization goal for Brand Awareness.
  • POST_ENGAGEMENT rcan no longer be used as billing_event for Post Engagement objective ads. IMPRESSIONS is now the only valid billing_event. This change effectively removes a CPE bidding method for Post Engagement objectives.
  • Facebook has introduced a limitation at the ad set level called DESTINATION_TYPE. This change means that all ads within an ad set must have a consistent destination set. This means that all ads must direct to an app, website, messenger, and so on. You can no longer mix destinations.



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