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Marin Social: April 27th 2017 Release Notes


Marin Social saw some exciting new feature updates with this month's release. If you have any questions, please reach out to your platform representative for more information.

Video Views Objective - Carousel Ads

Marin Social now supports launching Carousel Video Ads in the Video Views Objective. Create the Carousel Ads using Marin Social’s intuitive drag & drop workflow. Use Mass Editor to iterate on creative copy or target audiences.

To learn more about Carousel Ads, click here.

Move Campaigns Between Media Plans

Moving campaigns between Media Plans is now supported.


Clicking on the new MOVE button, you can select the destination Media Plan of the campaign. This is different from the Duplicate function which creates a copy of the campaign in the destination Media Plan and retains the original campaign in the source Media Plan. With the ‘MOVE’ function, the campaign is taken from the source Media Plan and moved to the destination Media Plan, with no copies created.

Settings required to match between Media Plans:

● Media Plans must use the same Facebook Ad Account.
● Message Booster campaigns are not eligible.
● Campaigns using optimization rules (applied at the campaign level) are not eligible.
● Campaigns can be moved among the same advertiser only.

Important to Note:

● Main KPI setting is not carried over.
● Metrics are carried over. To account for this, we increase the Autopause settings in the destination Media Plan helping to avoid an unexpected change from Active to Inactive status.

To learn more about moving campaigns between Media Plans, click here.

Duplicate App Campaigns and Ad Sets to Different OS

Duplicate an App Install or App Engagement Campaign and iterate to a different OS. For example, an Apple iOS campaign can be duplicated and the Android App can be enabled instead, helping save time versus creating a unique campaign iteration for individual OS versions.

Duplication Forms for Mobile App Engagement & Mobile App Install are enhanced with a ‘Change App Settings’ option to support this new feature.

For more information about Marin Social's duplication feature, click here.

Automated Budget Allocation (Beta)


“Always On” Budget Optimization:

● Maximize Conversions
● Reward Lowest CPA

Please inquire with your Customer Engagement Manager or Customer Success Director about opt-in eligibility & criteria for the Automated Budget Allocation (Beta) feature.

Other Enhancements

App Install State

Allows you to target people who have installed your app versus those who have not.

CTR for Inline Link Clicks

CTR (Links) has been added to the Build Dashboard list of metrics. It is the Click Through Rate based on the Inline Link Clicks metric (Link Clicks / Impressions = CTR Links), and adds to the currently available ‘CTR’ metric for all clicks.


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