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Marin Social: August 17th 2018 Release Notes

Filter optimizations in the Marin Social grid

To make managing your grid view as streamlined as possible, we've now updated the way we show you which objects are being displayed in the grid. You'll now be able to view the status of each object at a glance; for example, Completed, Paused, or Deleted. Even better, you can use the checkboxes to add or remove objects with (or without) a certain status from view. 

You'll find these new filtering options live in the Marin Social platform right now -- just look to the upper-right corner of any main grid. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 14.15.24.png

Removed the Status column for objects in the Mass Editor

In the past, because of the way we aggregate the Ad Set status values for objects in the Mass Editor, there were occasions where an object's status was reported incorrectly. To resolve this and prevent any confusion, we've removed the Status column when viewing aggregated objects within Ad Sets in the Mass Editor. 

Small changes to the Ad Set Budget Distribution settings

A recent change on Facebook's end means that the target size of custom audiences is no longer reported to the platform, meaning the Allocate by Target Size option for ad set budget distribution was causing a few issues. To resolve this, the Allocate by Target Size for budget distribution option will now be unavailable if you select at least one ad set with a minimum target size. 



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