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Marin Social: August 29th 2018 Release Notes

Overspend protection for Message Booster

In today's release, we've addressed a scenario in which overspending could occur in campaigns being boosted using automated Message Booster rules. To resolve this, we've introduced a check which will prevent overspend if the Autopause target of the campaign has already been reached. 

When the target has been reached, we'll display a yellow alert message above the Campaign grid in Marin Social to keep you in the loop. You'll also be able to check the Marin Social log to see when the Autopause check has kicked in. 



Security updates for the Asset Manager

In an earlier release, we introduced support for Twitter Ads with Video, which included the ability to upload relevant media to the Asset Library in Marin Social.

To make this process even more secure and streamlined, we've now implemented sub-folders for Community Managers in the Marin Social Asset Manager. These sub-folders will grant the Community Manager access to their relevant client or agency, making it easier than ever to locate the relevant assets for their needs. As always, Admin users in Marin Social will retain access to all assets across the account. 





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