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Marin Social: December 13th 2017 Release Notes

Stronger Audience Targeting with Enhanced Flexibility to Custom Audience Rules

To make Custom Audiences even more flexible in Marin Social, we’ve enhanced rule functionality with and/or statement logic. Suppose you’re a retail advertiser and want to market a new product in the “baby” category. You could use rules to build out a website custom audience of everyone who visited specific web pages within the category and converted within a specific time frame, and exclude people who visited other pages. 

To learn more, please check out our Support Center article

Improve Campaign Performance with the Outside Traffic Objective and Landing Page View Optimization

We’ve added the ability to optimize campaigns to actual landing page visits for campaigns that use the Outside Traffic objective. There are a few known limitations with using the Link Click optimization goal, such as not accounting for people who don’t make it to your website due to a connectivity issue, or bounce before the page loads. By optimizing to Landing Page Views, you improve performance by optimizing campaigns to the objective of driving real traffic to your website. 

This is a newly introduced feature from Facebook which requires whitelisting. Ask your Marin Social or Facebook representative today for more information.

Display Ad Names in Previews

Our users typically like to capture creative-specific details in their campaign ad name, such as an image name and ID. We’ve added the ability to turn the ad name on or off in the UI when you’re using the Bulk Creator tool to create audience and creative permutations at scale. This enhancement allows you to more seamlessly group your campaign assets, and better understand each creative iteration, for improved execution and reporting. 

To learn more, please read our Support Center article

Other Enhancements

Media plan config access from advertiser

This usability enhancement allows you to access the configuration section without having to click into the media plan first. Now you can select the gear icon next to the media plan to access the config. 

Enable edits during a pending review

When you’re publishing campaigns from Marin Social to Facebook, you can now make edits to the ad creative and copy while you’re in the “pending review” phase.



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