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Marin Social: December 4th 2017 Release Notes

Instagram Stories Ads 

Instagram is known for its high engagement—especially with Millennials. Instagram Stories are a fun, short-lived collection of user-generated content, such as video and static photos of people’s everyday experiences. With a shelf life of just 24 hours—people keep coming back for more. 

Ads in Instagram Stories play seamlessly between stories and support the same objectives available with other Facebook campaigns. Conversions, Outside Traffic, App Installs, and Video Views objectives are all supported within Marin Social.

To learn more about Instagram Stories, please read our Support Center article.



In-stream Video Ads

Similar to a TV commercial, the in-stream video placement allows advertisers to deliver 15-second video ads to people watching a video on Facebook. Due to Facebook’s wealth of audience targeting options, viewers of the same video can see different ads that are more tailored towards their interests. These ads can be a great way to achieve your top-of-funnel objectives and are non-skippable.

In this release, we’ve cleaned up In-stream Video placement support. We’ve expanded the support to include the ability to use In-stream Video as a standalone placement, as well as adding support with Video Views, Post Engagement and Brand Awareness objectives in Marin Social. 




Grow your fan page with Video Page Like Ads

A great way to drive social engagement with your brand is through Page Like Ads which encourage folks to follow your page on Facebook. With this release, you now have support for the video format, allowing you to reach people with content that’s more visually engaging than static imagery. 

You can learn more about Facebook Page Like Ads in our Support Center

Control who can receive account updates

We’ve added the ability for you to control who receives an email from Marin when an action is needed, such as with an expired token. In the new Email Notification Config you can select which users will receive these updates. 
Added support for store locator and Facebook page as the destination for Store Visits

When someone clicks your Store Visits ad, customize their experience to maximize conversions. In addition to being able to direct traffic to the Facebook domain for your site, showcase the store locations nearest to them with Store Locator, or send traffic to the Facebook pages of the most relevant locations. 

For more details, please visit our Support Center article

Manually refresh Facebook Partner Categories

Facebook’s partner categories allow you to target audiences based on their offline and online purchase behavior, using aggregated data collected from third parties. Advertisers who’ve been whitelisted for partner categories can now refresh this audience data on demand, versus waiting seven days. 

For more details, please read our Support Center article

Added support for Twitter Behavior Targeting

Similar to the form and function of Partner Categories on Facebook, Twitter Behavior Targeting allows you to reach audiences using data from third parties like Acxiom. 

To learn more about Twitter Behavior Targeting, please visit our Support Center



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