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Marin Social: January 24th 2018 Release Notes

Performance of video without the production cost

Now, you can transform your still images into cost-effective, animated ads with Facebook's Slideshow Ads. Video consumption is growing—especially on mobile, where videos outperform static images. However, video production costs are often outside the range of most marketing budgets, plus videos take longer to create. Slideshow ads allow you to stand out from the competition with eye-catching visuals to capture people’s attention and drive brand interaction.



When you’re creating slideshow ads, keep these pointers in mind: 

  • Keep your slideshow as short as possible, no longer than 1 minute 
  • Try to capture attention within the first 3-5 seconds 
  • Connect content in your slideshow to a compelling CTA 
  • Apply slideshow ads to Dynamic Ad campaigns to reach audiences across the funnel 

To learn more about slideshow ads, please read our dedicated Support Center article

Small Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Static Card with Video for Dynamic Ads

You can now use Static Cards with Video for Dynamic Ads to tell a compelling story about your offering as a lead in to messaging to encourage shoppers to make a purchase on your e-commerce site. 

Improved Data Formatting  

We’ve fixed data issues for reports that are exported to .CSV, allowing you to pivot off of the data without having to reformat. Column headers now include data symbols such as value type and currency. 



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