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Marin Social: July 18th 2018 Release Notes

Save time on audience management with the ability to edit Saved Audiences

Managing your Saved Audiences can be something of a headache, especially when you want to make quick changes to existing audiences. Well, with this release, that's one headache you won't need to worry about anymore, because you can now edit your Saved Audiences right within Marin Social. 

As long as your audience isn't already linked to any of your ads, you'll now be able to click the handy Edit button ('pencil' icon) within the Marin Social Audience Manager to make changes to any of your audience settings. 

Want to learn more about editing Saved Audiences and the all-new saving options this feature brings? Read our Support Center article now




New names for Facebook's bidding strategies 

Facebook has recently made a couple of changes to the naming of their bidding strategies, and we've updated both the Marin Social UI and our API to reflect these new names. If you previously used any the bidding strategies Auto Bid, Maximum Bid, or Average Bid, you'll now see different names for these in Marin Social. For quick reference, here's how the old names line up to the new ones:

  • Auto Bid is now known as Lowest Cost Without Cap. This will still be indicated by the text "Auto Bid" in the grid. 
  • Average Bid is now known as Target Cost. This will be indicated by the text "TARGET" in the grid. 
  • Maximum Bid is now known as Lowest Cost With Bid Cap. This will be indicated by the text "MAX" in the grid. 





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