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Marin Social: July 24th 2017 Release Notes

Mobile App Campaign Enhancements

To simplify mobile ads objectives, Facebook has deprecated several objectives, including Canvas App Engagement (CAE), Canvas App Installs (CAI), Mobile App Installs (MAI), and Mobile App Engagement (MAE). These were known as CAE, MAE, CAI, and MAI respectively.

To align with these enhancements, Marin Social has updated objectives and workflows for mobile and desktop apps. Prior to Facebook's updates, separate objectives were available for each of the four different types of app campaigns. After the updates, however, please note the following changes:

  • The Mobile App Install objective and the Desktop App Install objective will now merge into a single objective called App Install
  • App Engagement objectives will merge with existing objectives such as Traffic or Conversions:
    • The Desktop App Engagement objective has now merged with the Traffic objective
    • The Mobile App Engagement objective has merged with Traffic when the goal is for clicks and driving people to engage with the advertiser's app
    • The Mobile App Engagement objective has merged with Conversions when the goal is to complete an action, such as a purchase, in the app.

There is no deprecation of support or features, rather a merge and streamlining of desktop and mobile app campaign management. Advertisers will also find an enhanced ad creation workflow in Marin Social’s Bulk Creator to reflect the updates noted above.

New App Ad Types

New options will be available for selecting desktop and mobile app creatives in the Ad Types drop-down in the Bulk Creator. You can find these under the Initialization section. 

Once advertisers create a campaign and select either the Outside Traffic or Conversions objective, the following Ad Type options will be available for selection in the drop-down menu:

  • Page Posts Ads
  • Mobile App Ads for Engagement
  • Desktop App Ads for Engagement
  • Desktop App Ads for Virtual Goods
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads


social release 7-24-2017.png


Relevant options for advertisers driving app engagement campaigns are:

  • Mobile App Ads for Engagement
  • Desktop App Ads for Engagement
  • Desktop App Ads for Virtual Goods

Advertisers can also select the Carousel Ads option, which is an engaging ad unit that supports a combination of images and videos to drive app engagement.

Duplication of Existing App Campaigns

With the change of objectives comes a change in the duplication behavior of legacy app campaigns. Below is a summary of changes advertisers can expect to see in Marin Social when duplicating Campaigns:

  • Campaigns using the Mobile App Install (MAI) and Canvas App Install (CAI) objective will convert to the App Install objective
  • Campaigns using the Canvas App Engagement (CAE) objective will convert to the Outside Traffic objective
  • Campaigns using the Mobile App Engagement (MAE) objective convert to the Outside Traffic or Conversions objective based on the following optimization goals:
    • Optimized for Offsite_Conversions will convert to the Conversions objective
    • Otherwise, campaigns will convert to the Traffic objective

Suggested Video Placement

The Suggested Video placement option is now available to pair with Video Views, Brand Awareness, Post Engagement, and Mobile App Install objectives. The Suggested Videos placement offers an opportunity for advertisers to reach audiences by delivering video ads in a player of suggested videos. When a user clicks on a video from their desktop or mobile News Feed, they will watch it in a player of suggested videos. With this placement, advertisers can insert video ads between the suggested videos.

Suggested Video placement requires the Feed placement option to be selected. 

other enhancements and changes

Enhanced Drop-downs

We have now incorporated search bars into drop-downs for a more streamlined navigation process. Now, instead of using drop-downs with a long list of selection options, you can search through the available options to find the one you need quickly and easily.

When you use duplication workflows at the ad level, ad set level, or within Mass Editor, you will be able to search for objects with this enhancement. Audiences lists in the Message Booster UI are now searchable as well. 

Twitter Engagement Metrics as Main KPI

Main KPI selection will now incorporate the option to select the Engagement metric. 



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