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Marin Social: March 7th 2018 Release Notes

The Spend Pacing column

You'll now find the Spend Pacing column in many of the grids in Marin Social. This handy metric displays values based on the spend vs. the budget for the applicable campaign of ad set, depending on the grid you're viewing.

The Spend Pacing column is an excellent way to gain at-a-glance understanding of how quickly you're using your budget, allowing you to make smarter budgeting decisions. You can also enable the Spend Today column, which offers a view of today's spend so far.

To find out more about these new columns, please read our Support Center article


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Trip Consideration Ads for Facebook

Marin Social now offers full support for Trip Consideration Ads for Facebook. This ad type is perfect for targeting users who are “in consideration” of travel, but have not yet formed destination intent. In other words, you can target your ads towards people who are thinking about going on vacation or traveling. 

To learn more about Trip Consideration Ads for Facebook, please read our Support Center article

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Slideshow Ads for best-performing products

We've updated our Slideshow Ads for Facebook support so that you can now create slideshows which display only your best-performing ads. This ad type uses conversion data to identify the top performers in your product feed, then display them in the slideshow.  

You can learn more about setting up Slideshow Ads for best-performing products in our Support Center article


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