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Marin Social: May 22nd 2017 Release Notes

Updates To Selecting Instagram Account

By setting an Instagram Account in the Media Plan parameters, advertisers can build to business or department objectives in bulk, taking advantage of the pre-selected Instagram placement option for all Campaigns in a Media Plan. We have updated the workflow of selecting an Instagram Account with this release.

Advertisers now have more options with selecting an Instagram Account:

  • Use the Media Plan parameters as a default setting for an Instagram Account, similar to the way a Default Objective for Campaigns is selected.

  • Change or remove your default selection of an Instagram Account when creating Ads, or omit using Instagram altogether.

With this enhancement we’re delivering additional flexibility to iterate on the type of Instagram Account used for each Campaign, which also increases the flexibility of the Media Plan and available Campaign Objectives you can combine together. Finally, Mass Editor will be enhanced to allow changing the Instagram Account used for Ads. Duplicating and iterating on Campaigns will also become more flexible as a result.


Dynamic Ads Prospecting Enhancements

Dynamic Ads Broad Audience Targeting (“Dynamic Prospecting”) is now out of Beta and available all advertisers.

The Dynamic Ads Wizard can help advertisers build combinations of campaign modes (Prospecting vs. Retargeting, and other), product sets, and audiences in bulk while using a single workflow. To help make the Wizard even more robust, flexible and helpful for advertisers, we’re also releasing a number of enhancements to the Dynamic Ads Wizard workflow.

To start, you’ll now see options to create audiences for Dynamic Prospecting and Retargeting separately.




Enhancements also include electing exclusions for your Dynamic Prospecting audiences such as people who’ve purchased in the last 10-Days from your website or app, without needing to layer Website Custom Audiences as an additional step.

As well, we’ve enhanced selecting Bidding option for Dynamic Ads to account for the different goals and objectives advertisers set when using the Wizard. For example, the cost of conversions can vary for prospecting and retargeting audiences. As an advertiser you may also look for flexibility in bidding to more upper funnel conversion events such as ‘AddToCart’. To solve for these needs, we’re enhancing the Wizard workflow to help you make additional bid value and optimizations selections in one session:

  • Assign unique bidding options for Retargeting versus Prospecting

  • Assign how your Product Set optimizes the bids - AddToCart versus Purchase

Other Enhancements

Ad Set & Ad Previews

Previews enhanced for Ad Sets and Ads supporting new options to iterate on different placements such as Desktop, Mobile, Instagram, etc.

Redirect URL Support for Lead Ads

Marin Social is rolling out support for URL Redirects for Lead Ads. The {lpurl} will dynamically populated with the destination URL.

Add New Store Visits Macros: Postal Code & Opening Hours

Enhanced to support redirects for Dynamic Ads. The {product.url} macro has been made available to include in the Click Tracking field.

Dynamic Ad Click Tracking URL Macro Support

{Post Code} and {Opening Hours} macros have been added.

New Authentication System for Marin Social

Marin is switching over a new authentication system. The new system is more secure and will also enable us to rollout Single Sign-On across Marin’s ecosystem of products (Search, Display and other products). Advertisers will see no change in the application login experience, and are able to login with existing credentials.

Some changes that advertisers will notice:

  • Simplified user creation workflow

  • New user creation requires an email only

  • ‘Username’ has been removed and is no longer required



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